New Reality Show Now Casting People Who Want Plastic Surgery – Nationwide


Plastic Surgery Transformation Show

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

The Casting Firm and a Major Cable Network are seeking NATIONWIDE for women who want to radically alter their looks in an effort to not only boost their confidence, but also change their lives and destiny. Whether you’re getting surgery to fix a physical ailment you’ve struggled with all your life, or to finally look the way you’ve always dreamed (or both!), we want to hear from you! This exciting and inspirational new TV docu-series will follow people, before, during, and after recovery from major plastic surgery, to see the profound effect it has on their life afterwards!

If you or someone you know feels they need an EXTREME transformation, and wants to share the journey, please nominate them or share the notice using the links or email address below ASAP. Thank you!

Apply or nominate someone: 

Apply via email: ATTN: Cherish at castings@thecastingfirm.comand include:

  • Name, age and current location
  • Brief paragraph explaining why you want to change your image and a little about yourself
  • List of the procedures you want to get
  • 2-3 photos of yourself
  • The best number(s) to reach you

Makeover show casting call nationwide

Link to the casting call information:

We are seeking people of all ethnicities. You must be 18 and over to be considered for this project. **Participants will be compensated for their appearance on the program. Must be a legal US resident to apply.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2015-07-06

This casting notice was posted by: The Casting Firm

9 thoughts on “New Reality Show Now Casting People Who Want Plastic Surgery – Nationwide

  1. Lydia Ann Carroll

    Hello, for the Past 15 yrs, I’ve been the caretaker, Wife, and Mother to an Autistic 38 yr.Old. I have Taken care of Father, Brother, Daughter In-Law, Mother, plus Horses too. My High School Reunion is coming up next March 2019. I certainly am in need of Breast Reduction, to help with my Neck, Shoulder Upper Back issues, Lower Stomach, Pubic, upper Arms, and Thighs. My is Husband Disabled and we can Not Afford these Prices for a contouring Make over to lift up My Self Esteem. I still have a Goal and Desire to look Attractive Again.
    I’ve Prayed it would come off dieting… But Lower back issues My Mobile Exercises are limited.
    Just Trying to Feel Good about myself again. We’ve Lost many Family members I took care of. Now it’s my Turn.
    Lydia A.Carroll

  2. Tambala

    Please, I am desperately in need of a makeover surgery. I have been so depressed and unhappy about my weight. I can’t stand to look in the mirror because I dislike my body.

  3. denise

    Hi, I gained 100 lbs in my third trimester due to depression and physical pain. I haven’t been able to take off the weight and still suffer from post partom depression. My whole body has taken a backseat to taking care of my child. My teeth literally hurt and are a mess, my sinuses are crushed due to the lack of space as I have a catheral upper palette thus I am always sick, I have varicose veins that are so painful it’s like having a bruise all of the time. I have poor posture, thus pain in my neck shoulders, back and my derriere would leave the Kardashians to shame which also causes me pain. I appreciate your assistance and taking the time to listen.

  4. Kamroon Emran

    I am very desperately in need of surgery. I have been so depressed and unhappy about my body. I need a belly tuck and my teeth are bad. I need new teeth. Thank you. Hope I hear from you soon.

  5. Karen Lynn Reaves

    I want a make over so bad for I have just lost 100 pounds and so much skin every where. I want to donate the skin to burn unit for I am desperate and depressed, please help me, thank you for any consideration.

  6. Stephanie Redden

    I would love if you have a show about people who want to gain weight and a smile makeover. Please help

  7. Diana

    I desperately need surgery. I have been so depressed, so unhappy, I can’t stand to look in the mirror. I cry every time I do. I have been working out daily but nothing, it’s so bad that I have not been intimate with my spouse in over a year. I’m afraid my relationship will end if I don’t get this done and soon. I used to be so happy, confident, not ashamed of my body, but now I’m disgusting, no confidence and unhappy. Please if you can help me and make me happy. I want to no longer be ashamed, not afraid to look in a mirror and to help better my relationship. It would totally make my dreams come true. I want this more than winning the lottery. Please help me!

  8. Donna

    I need a complete makeover on my body, face, teeth, legs. I need liposuction, tummy tuck all my teeth pulled and false ones put in. I need moles removed off my face.


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