New Survival Show Casting A Series Host – Nationwide


A new survival series is coming to Discovery channel and the show is holding a nationwide search for a host.

Are you a survival expert ready to take on any challenge in the wild? If so, the show’s casting directors would love to hear about it. They are now casting survival experts who have the skills to lead an expedition into uncivilized territory and not only survive, but thrive in any environment. Hosts must not only demonstrate their primitive survival techniques such as fire starting… but, also be able to describe the techniques.

If this sounds like you, you may apply to host a new survival show online. See below for further details and submission instructions.

Discovery Channel show in Florida

Survival and expedition experts to host a NEW series for Discovery Channel.

Equipped with minimal gear, these individuals will have to rely on their skills and improvise with what’s available in the unpredictable wild in order to demonstrate what it takes to stay alive!

These guys are not just expected to survive, but also to thrive in uncivilized lands. Our hosts will demonstrate their top-tier primitive survival skills in remote terrain while articulating what to do—and what not to do—in high-risk situations. If you are confident in your bow-drill method, if you’ve led a team of unskilled executives to the top of an inclement summit, or if you’re a Special Forces military survival guru, we are looking for you.

Only passionate, elite, credentialed candidates need apply to

By the way, the  popular survival reality show “Naked and Afraid” is also currently casting survival experts. 

5 thoughts on “New Survival Show Casting A Series Host – Nationwide

  1. Victor Tito Rivera jr

    I am a United States Army combat veteran with an excellent personality and a great voice, looking for a chance For an addition . Given the chance I will impress you with my talent

  2. peter swarbrick

    Well I have loved for years to go on a survival program, but something as always comes up, but the experience I have had from being a child is very good. From building with nature stuff, will feel normal to me and and my skills to catch food i have skill also from the way I was brought up with my brother that showed me how to catch and kill, with out no pain for the animals ,and use the sources around you, in all aspects, the knowledge of survival I know is beyond the most of the average person. I am looking forward to be challenge to my dream and am very good at understanding people and learn from then a thing or two, social skills as well.

  3. Devin Staggs

    I’m 18 years old and I always wish to show my survival skill. I know I can survival. I hope one day I get on a show.

  4. Jason howard

    38 year old Bi vocational minister, 16 years married with 3 children (one is a cancer survivor) pipe welder, ex- bull rider, gym junkie, avid outdoorsman, competed in Spartan races , love the chance at a survival show.

  5. Todd JOSTES

    I am EXTREMELY interested in casting for The New survival series.
    I have been teaching primitive skills, wilderness first aid, urban survival and wilderness survival in multiple climates for over 20 years now.
    Please see my web page.
    I would love a chance on either show, The Raft, Naked and Afraid or most of all the survival teaching show!
    I can send pics and videos ASAP.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you
    Todd jostes


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