New Survival Show “Relative Survival” Now Casting Siblings

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  • Post last modified:09/12/2015

A new survival show is coming.

Think you have what it takes to survive in the wild? How about your sibling? A new cable network survival show is now looking to cast related pairs of survivalists, specifically, they are seeking brother / sister teams who are ready to take on the ultimate survival challenge…. If you and your sibling have the combined skills to survive in any environment… check it out.


If you and your sibling(s) have the combined skills to stand against Mother Nature for 30-60 days + a compelling story to tell about your lives, a major cable network is looking for you.

Have you and your sibling recently reunited? Did a recent event create a rift that you want to repair? Are you the very best of friends, and have been your entire life, for a very good reason? If so, we want to hear your story!

Relative Survival Reality Show

Brothers and sisters, if you can depend on one another to survive in an unforgiving location; if between you, you have the combined skill set to face extreme environments and intense backcountry situations; if you love survival and know you have what it takes to thrive in the middle of nowhere; this could be the chance of a lifetime for your family.

To apply, please email us at or apply online at

Relative Survival Casting Call

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  1. Steven Griffey

    My brother and I have a 10 year difference in age. We get along but never have the time to really get together. We both love the woods and are competitive and would be thrilled at the chance to do this.

  2. Jayla murrill

    Me and my brother get along but we have our moments. We are both 12, but four months apart, he is older. We both love outdoors and love nature.

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