Nonpareil Comics is looking to cast two roles for the upcoming comic book web series – L.A.


Casting for Xzaiden, Asian actors/actresses needed

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Web series

Nonpareil Comics LLC is looking to cast two roles for the upcoming comic book web series called Xzaiden. The first role is Xzaiden Ninsujuma himself and the second is his sister Yasuragi Ninsujuma.

Xzaiden is a character that likes operating against the grain. Upsetting the established order of things and showing that there is not only one way of living or doing things. However, it is his ego that gets him to life threatening situations. Different from any other superheroes, he has no alter ego. He does not hide from who he is. His goal is being the best human there is concerning spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

Yasuragi is character that tries to lead by example. Using her skills in dance to calm the streets of rage and using it to compete instead of violence. With a positive outlook on life, and a pleasant sense of humor she is the opposite of her brother. Her revolution of dance is what keeps her moving through adversity. She also help fund her brother in his heroic endeavors.

Anyone between the ages of 17-35 are welcome to apply for both roles. A background in dance and martial arts is a must.

The preference is to audition in person but you can also submit an audition video showing you perform martial arts or dance.

Nonpareil Comics web series Xzaiden

Script for Xzaiden:

“As I am brought down to one knee, I am reminded that failure is a success evermore; the effort is given nontheless. I know now what must be done. Upon the explosion, upon the crescendo, the blast wave that seeks to bear me down; I will become a field of force to obstruct the enemy. Doubt and subjugation will kneel before me. Spine and muscles tense with the sign of two fingers before my face. I commence and rise like a flame that will not be extingushed.”

Script for Yasuragi:

“Magic is perceived to be unrealistic or without reach. You are sadly mistaken. What astonishing feats we do with our hands, our minds, and our feet was once not conceived or deemed impossible. Think outside of the box. The unexplained, the anomles, the special ones that choose to be more; standing out like the sun the refuses to falter. Harness the light from it and mirror the moon. Let the beat of rhythm decide your steps. Hear the chime of instruments and move to create imagery. Bring them to life. Let, love, live and in the end spread the magic.”

The audition will be held on December 17, 2015 from 2:15pm-6:00pm.

The address to audition in person (recommended) is 9911 W Pico Blvd. 11th floor, Los Angeles, California 90035.

If you choose to audition through via video submission please send it to

Upon applying please attach your headshots and resume.

For Xzaiden the dress code is a white T-shirt, ucompanied with a white unbuttoned button up shirt, blue jeans, and black/white converse or black plain tennis shoes. You can also wear a gi if you have access to one, you are not required to wear the gi. Any work out clothes you have is also fine.

For Yasuragi the dress code can be a baseball cap work out clothes, a sports bra or tank top, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes or a gi (if you have access to one, if not that’s fine).

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on December 17, 2015

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to:

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