Casting Roles in Remote Web Series


Freshman Year

Location: worldwide

Type: Web series

“Freshman Year” is an original webseries produced remotely.


“Florence, Ruby, Alice and Jonah are all , everything seems to be going great, but then, after just two weeks, suddenly the whole school bullies the four of them…

Dealing with the bullying additionally to all the stress every Teenager has, their mental health is frail.

Will they be able to maintain their friendship?

Or will they break from all the bullying? ”

The film is going to talk about topics like homophobia, body shaming, abuse, toxic masculinity and mental health, and how Teens can and do deal with it!

We’re looking for the following two roles:

Logan (16-20 years old/male)

Logan is Jonah’s big brother and a bully and a Senior at Ashton High. He’s always been extremely scared of being bullied after he was bullied in elementary school and now bullying others is his way of protecting himself. He tries to seem cold and reserved on the outside.

Mrs./Mr./Mx. Brown (18-30 years old/any gender)

Mr./Mrs./Mx. Brown is a young and kind teacher who truly cares about their students and their well-being. She empathizes with and tries to be fair to all students and also tries to help Jonah, Florence, Alice and Ruby, once she notices the bullying.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: worldwide
Please submit to: by 2021-10-31
Please submit a headshot and resume to the given email. If we’re interested, you’ll be provided with further audition information.

This casting notice was posted by: Wortberg Productions

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