NYC Theater ‘Prophet-The Story of Nat Turner’


Stage Reading: ‘Prophet-The Story of Nat Turner’

Location: NYC

Type: Theater

Casting Notice:
Simply Everything International Art Form is casting for Kenya Cagles’ screenplay ‘Prophet – The Story Nat Turner’, soon to be a major motion picture. The Institute of African-American Studies and Cultural Arts will performing Readings for the tri-state area and television networks.

This riveting screenplay takes a unique look at the life of Nat Turner and re-examines the 1831 Southampton County, Virginia slave revolt lead by Turner from a newly constructed perspective. Kenya Cagle takes us as far back as 1790 to Ghana, an ancient empire along the West Coast of Africa where Turner’s mother was captured by slave traders during the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In 1799 Turner’s mother was sold to a slave owner named Benjamin Turner of Southampton County, a rural community in Virginia’s tidewater area. By the following year on October 2nd Nat Turner was born.

The script is available on Amazon the top 100 historical books it can be obtain on Amazon. ‘Prophet -The Story of Nat Turner’. You can Kindle for free with subscription.
***Tips for Selecting a Monologue for this Project***

You may choose any slave related piece from the early to mid 1800’s to construct your monologue
from. Or you may go to, Barnes & or to review the list of
characters from the screenplay/book “Prophet The Story of Nat Turner” and select a character and
monologue from the book.

– Frederick Douglass’s My Bondage, My Freedom
– Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
– John Hammond Moore’s A Plantation Mistress on the Eve of the Civil War: The Diary of Keziah
Goodwyn Hopkins
Brevard, 1860-1861
– Harriet A. Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
– Slave Narratives done by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression
– Alex Haley’s Roots

How to Submit:

1. Upload a 30 second introduction and a (1) minute video monologue for the Nat Turner Audition on YouTube and then send the link to can use your cell phone, iPhone, iPads, webcam, and digital camcorders, smart phones, etc. Be sure your recording sounds and looks clear.

In the subject of the email: Nat Turner submission

Be certain to include the following in the Title of your YouTube video submission

?- Your Legal First and Last Name

– Email and Phone Number with area code (if outside the US, the country
code is applicable)

– Location (State or Country)

– Character You Are Portraying if Monologue was selected from the screenplay

New York Casting

Date: Thursday, April 9th, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Sunday, April 12th, 2015
Time: 4:00 pm
Audition Location:
Holy Tabernacle 1 Church of God In Christ
76 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221-4118


Character Breakdown: Act I (pages 16-51)

Please email me your head-shot, resume and confirm your time of arrival

Makena: Mother of Nkechi & Alala. She is in her late 50’s African/African Descent. Short in height and full in body frame. Skin to perfection but the look of wisdom.

Young Nkechi: Female girl age 13 dancer and runner African/African Descent beautiful complexion, her hair in her face is thick and naturally wavy. Shapely but strong from working hard and dancing all her young life.

Older (Nkechi) Nancy: Female age late teens early 20’s.

Alala: Nkechi younger sister and Makena’s daughter age 10. Small frame body, frighten for her life, now breathless from running & climbing trees, she cries in silence.

Hunters: 3-4 Caucasian Male late 20’s 30’s.

Mchumba: Female African/African Descent teens and swimmer.

Old Bridget: Female African Descent late 40’s -50’s.

Mr. Benjamin Turner: Caucasian Male Slave Master.

Nathaniel Turner: Nkechi’s Husband early 30’s African American tall & slender.

Nat (Young): African American 4 years old boy. age 10-16 must use his voice as a 4 year old.

Rev. Samuels: Caucasian Male, shout in size and 40’s.

Mrs. Turner: Slaves Masters Wife Caucasian Female Mid 20’s.

Caucasian – Overseer / Hunters

Caucasian – Mr. Turner – (late 30’s mid 40’s)

African American – Sam (average young boy older than Nat) age 10-16

African American – Nelson (average young boy older than Nat)

Note: Your submission does not substitute your attending the casting call.

The character of Young Nat must be accompanied by consenting adult/s.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: NYC
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Simply Everything International Art Form, LLC.

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