Singers Wanted For Teen Girl Group In Atlanta


Location: Atlanta

Type: Singers

Hi, I’m Kerstan (16) and I’m putting together a brand new girls group here in Atlanta. Now we would be starting on youtube and eventually networking and doing everything to get our name out there and big! And move on to the professional level. All races welcome!

Now, if interested, here are the requirements:
Must be 14-18 (13 is negotiable but talk to me first).
Must live or able to work in atlanta area.
And Dedicated, Mature, Hard Working,Focus Attitude. Must be willing to take part in any group fee.) studio, traveling, etc) Im flexible with scheduling (school,work etc). Now after approval, a meeting will take place first as an introduction. Then Im looking to get started early july. We have plenty of time!

Singer Auditions

If you fit all those requirements, email me with the following.

Singer, Rapper, Dancer Or All?
Do you write songs?
Can you choreograph? Pick up Choreography?
Group names idea(s)
2 Headshots and 1 full body
Submit Video Or Link (Singing/Dancing) as many as you want! (Make sure you can be seen)
Where are you located?
Twitter and Instagram
Contact number
Any Music experience? (Studio/ Performing etc)

Thats it! Email me at for a chance! Lemme see your talent.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Atlanta
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Kerstan

2 thoughts on “Singers Wanted For Teen Girl Group In Atlanta

  1. ryckia tate

    Hey my name is Ryckia tate. I’m 16 years old. I auditioned for the voice in February. I’m a talented singer, its not hard for me to pick up dance moves but I will just have to keep practicing. I sing in front of people in a karaoke bar and they said I did well. I’m not scared to perform at all. Performing is a passion for me and I don’t let anything get in the way for that.

    1. Alyssa Cain

      Okay well i know its late but I’m racking my brain about this. Might as well send in info just in case. I mean I’m probably being stupid right now but oh well, I’m taking the risk.

      Well my name is Alyssa and I’m 15. I mostly sing, but if I practiced I could rap a bit. Writing songs is apart of who I am and no matter what I will never stop writing. Not gonna lie, I’m not the best at dancing, but with time and practicing I’m pretty sure I could dance to where I don’t trip over my feet :-‘) I was thinking “The Outlines” or any other ideas along the lines that say like “we will always stay true to who we are and where we came from” type of thing. I’m located North East of Atlanta (maybe 45 minutes away. No music experience unless you count singing in your bedroom, shower, living room, and around the campfire. However, I’m not afraid to perform, I just usually need the encouragement to do so.
      I do play some guitar and a bit of piano. I’m so sorry I’m super late on this whole thing. I’ve had a dream of performing and making music since I was young. I thought maybe it was fate that I came across your thing :-‘/ I don’t know either way, good luck to ya :-‘)


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