St. Louis Missouri Auditions for Student Film

By | November 11, 2015

The Stories of Annabelle Lee

Location: St Louis Missouri

Type: Student Films

We will be holding auditions on Saturday, 11/14 from 1-8 in the Southern Illinois University Communications Building room 1116. If you are unable to make these auditions, please send us any kind of reel, photos, etc, along with contact information. We will provide script excerpts for you to read for your audition.

“The Stories of Annabelle Lee” is a film about David, a twenty something years old who goes on a road trip to clear his mind after his girlfriend for the past two years, Annabelle, broke up with him. In the train station, on the night he starts his journey back he sees Bella, an exact lookalike of Annabelle. Still nurturing his broken heart, David decides to go on a journey and follow this new mysterious woman.

Character Bios

David (23-28)
David is a young artist. He has low self-esteem and a shy demeanor. He is a very quiet and observant character. His girlfriend Annabelle is one of the only people he feels he can be himself around them and she recently broke up with him. When he coincidently meets Bella, an exact lookalike of Annabelle, he is filled with hope that he can win her heart and not end up alone.

Annabelle (24-29)
Annabelle is beautiful, intelligent and very outgoing. She always had many suitors. She does not want to be alone but tries to find a guy who will be interested in her not only because of her looks. David is a mystery to her because of his introverted character and she tries to make him open up to her. She eventually gives up and breaks up with him.

Bella (24-29)
Bella is an exact lookalike of Annabelle (will be portrayed by the same actress). A mysterious and elusive character, She is David’s new object of attraction, when he follows her throughout his journey.

Dad (50-60)
An overbearing, overprotective father figure; he means well but his character creates problems in this father – son relationship.
This is a voice only character that will not appear on screen.

“The Stories of Annabelle Lee”
Looking for Union and Nonunion talent
Production type: Independent/ Student
Duration: 25 Minutes
Director: Doron Alter
Producer: Jamie Sheffer
Shooting Location: St Louis, Missouri and Carbondale, Illinois
Audition Location: Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Communication Building, room

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: St Louis Missouri
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Doron Alter

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