Tryout for The Amazing Race in Chicago


The CBS Amazing Race finale is this week and the show is looking to next season and holding a video audition in Chicago.

Chicago’s local CBS station will be holding an open casting call in the Chicago area to find teams of 2 who would love to travel the world and compete for a huge cash prize of 1 million dollars.

CBS 2 Chicago will be holding the open call at Block 37 this coming Saturday. CBS Chicago has also partnered with the Salvation Army and will be hosting a toy drive during the casting call. “Amazing Race” fans who have always dreamed of getting cast for the show can come on down to have their video auditions taped. Audition videos will then be forwarded to the show’s casting directors to make their selections. You and your team mate must both attend the open casting call in Chicago in order to be considered.  Both team members will be able to create a 1 minute audition video.

Amazing Race 2016 tryouts

If you are wondering about what to say in your audition video, the show created a short list of questions that interested talent may answer during the audition taping.

Suggested Amazing Race Questions

  • Why would you make a great team to win The Amazing Race?
  • What do you hope to improve or change in your current relationship?
  • What issues do you need to work on?
  • How much have you traveled together?
  • What team do you most relate to from the past season?

The Amazing Race is a reality competition that lasts about 25 days. The teams set off on a trip around the world and complete challenges to find out what their next destination is. Every destination offers a new challenge for each team to test their mental or physical strength and teams competing must complete the challenge to find out where they are racing to next. Every week the fastest teams move on and a losing team gets eliminated from the show. Teams that fall behind or finish last get eliminated off the show, week by week, until the final team left wins the “Amazing Race” and the huge $1,000,000 prize that goes along with the big finish.

CBS The Amazing Race tryouts

Tryout for CBS The Amazing Race 2016

December 12

Block 37 located at 108 North State Street from 10:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

Those planning on trying out to be cast in “The Amazing Race” 2016 must bring the partner they intend to compete with in the show if they are chosen. Each team member must print and sign a Video Release & Waiver and bring it to the Open Call on December 12th (see below for the waiver form pdf).

Applicants must be 21 years or older and will be asked to provide a valid ID. Once you provide an identification card, applicants will complete the release/waiver forms on site. Once the forms are complete you will be given a number assigned to a camera area where you will start the audition process.

Please see the waiver here waiver.pdf

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