USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Starring Nic Cage, Casting Call for Actors in Alabama – Principal / Speaking Roles


USS Indianapolis movie is now casting actors for principal speaking roles in Mobile.

Casting directors for the film are now accepting headshots and resumes from actors around the Mobile area. “USS Indianapolis”  will begin filming in Mobile, Alabama beginning in June 2015.

USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage has been in development for quite sometime. Hannibal Classics has been trying to develop the film for the five years and now production is finally about to begin. The sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945 still remains the single greatest loss of life in U.S. Navy history.

The USS Indianapolis was on a secret mission, delivering parts to Guam for the first atomic bomb during WWII. On its way back, it was attacked and hit by torpedoes which caused its demise. The ship sank in shark infested waters in the Pacific. There were 1,196 men on board the ship of which only 317 survived. The men that didn’t go down with the ship were left to take their chances in the deep waters. It would be 5 days before any help would arrive during which the groups of survivors found themselves being circled by sharks. 100’s died in the water and the men were left with no food and water for those days.

Nic Cage to star in USS Indianapolis movie

The boat’s captain, Captain Charles McVay found himself being court-martialed after the rescue. An ll year old boy learned about the the USS Indianapolis after having watched Jaws. Hunter Scott took so much interest in the case that he led the fight to have McVay and eventually succeeded in doing so. Some five decades later, McVay was finally exonerated. Interestingly enough, USS Indianapolis Men of Courage  is one of 2 films coming out about the USS Indianapolis disaster. Warner Bros is also working on their own version which will focus on Hunter Scott’s plight to clear the captains name.

Casting call in Mobile Alabama for USS Indianapolis Men of Courage

The Hannibal film will begin production in the Mobile, Alabama area next month and the film’s casting directors are now casting actors to work on the project. Actors interested in principal roles are asked to email their headshots and resume for consideration and possible audition. Since this is a WWII film that is set on board a naval vessel, they are primarily interested in male actors who would be able to play seamen, marines, naval officers and admirals but there will also be a few roles for women and children. Please see the below information for how to apply.

For folks who would like to work as background actors on “USS Indianapolis“,  there is a separate casting call. Talent interested in extras castings may see this page for information on how to apply.

USS INDIANAPOLIS: Men of Courage, starring Nic Cage
The movie will shoot in Mobile, Alabama starting mid-June

Please send headshots and acting resume’s to

We will be looking for many male actors to fill the role of marine’s,officers and admirals as well as roles for women and children.

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    It would be a great honor for me to audition, be seen, and heard. Thank you very much.


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