Web Series “Passing On” Casting Actors in Illinois


Passing On

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Web series


Jack, a self-centered deadbeat from Chicago, dies after being hit by a car. He ends up in Purgatory where he finds out he is going to Hell. He cons his way into the “Soul Saver Program”. Now Jack must save 10 souls in 30 days or he is going back “downstairs”.

A sweet, yet lost and confused old man. Mid 60’s.

JACK (Male)
Lead role. A cocky and self-centered individual that is given the chance through a life changing event to redeem himself from eternal damnation. Mid 20’s.

SAM (Female)
One of Jack’s best friends. Lives a very relaxed lifestyle with very little motivation. Mid 20’s.

MIKE (Male)
Jack’s second best friend. Very intelligent but quiet. Only speaks when he feels it’s relevant. Mid 20’s.

Quiet Janitor that does his job without question, even though he’s going through the motions most of the time. Mid 50’s.

MURIEL (Female)
Very sarcastic office secretary who is more interested in dealing with paper work than dealing with the dead. Mid 50’s.

Midwestern upbeat angel who is working in purgatory. Very personable and easygoing. Does things by the book. Mid 40’s

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
Please submit to: castebbisn@tfa.edu

This casting notice was posted by: Cynthia Stebbins

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