24 Hour Film Challenge in Nashville Seeks Actors


Seeking actors for short film

Location: Nashville, TN

Type: Student Films

I’m looking for 3 actors for a short film. This is for a 24 hour challenge and all actors must be available all day/night this Tuesday, February 23rd. You will receive copy and credit. This film will be viewed by a few hundred people at the Opryland hotel, in addition to a possible few thousand people at film festivals.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

SAM “SAM STUTTER”— male, 17-20 years old. Smart teen agnostic who covers up a stutter, which resurfaces when he gets anxious. Poses as a witless Christian video blogger. Bullied in high school and given nickname “Sam Stammer.” Self-depricating. Entertaining. People-pleasing. Runtish.

SETH — male, 18-22 years old. Quick witted, yet sometimes arrogant atheist. Well-built. Carries about an authoritative presence. Gets into Sam’s personal space. Wants to leave the earth better than if he had not existed. Strong-minded. Bold.

MARX — male, 18-22 years old. Uncommitted relativist. Likes to push boundaries and test limits. Colorful mouth. Praises tolerance, yet is lactose intolerant. Astute. Inquisitive. Prying. Dangerous.

If interested, please send me your headshot, resume, and a reel. I will contact you soon if we’re interested, so please check your email frequently.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nashville, TN
Please submit to: mattsonlaticia@gmail.com by 2016-02-23

This casting notice was posted by: Laticia Mattson

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