Actor Auditions in Arlington Texas for Film Project “The Rake” A film, Tales from Creepy Pasta


“The Rake” A film, Tales from Creepy Pasta

Location: 1811 West Park Road, Suite D, Arlington, TX 76013

Type: Film

Tales from Creepy-Pasta Presents a short film called “The Rake”, A 911 dispatch operator and her supervisor receive a strange call around 3 AM in the small town of Gunter, Texas. Two local deputies are dispatched to a lonely farm on the outskirts of town, where a strange and horrifying supernatural event is occurring. The entire film is shot with a mixture of POV from the officers body cameras, security cameras in the police station, cell phone cams, Dash cams and other nontraditional filming techniques.

This film will include more than 27 visual effects shots, and it will take several weeks to edit completely. It will be shot in at least six different locations.

First Audition: July 16th 9:00am-12:00pm
Callbacks: July 30th-9:00am-12:00pm

Shooting Dates

August 13th 8-12 hrs
August 20th 8-12 hrs
Commerce, TX Transportation and Food will be provided
Film Production will take place on Weekends after the Audition.

Send headshots, name, phone number and email to Send professional resume if you have one. But it is not mandatory.

Film Actors needed:
Deputy Wilhelmine “Wil” Katheryn – 911 dispatcher operator – Cast Completed
Sgt. Kenny Radclyffe – Det Sgt./Officer in charge – Cast Completed
Deputy Myron Moss – 24-38, male, clean cut look – Athletic build, Slim build
Deputy Victoria Eva – 24-38, female, clean cut look – Body type, Slim build
Mercedes Pastora – The Rake (demon possessed girl) – 24-38, female, Body type, Slim build
Edmundo Pastora – Mercedes Pastora’s brother – 24-38, male, Body type, Slim build
EMT Andre Dons – 24-38, male, Body type, Slim build
4-6 extras
two dead body stand-ins (preferably Latino, over 40+)

Creepy Pasta

Directed By: Michael Board

Produced By: MAC

Payment: Other
If this film goes viral, you will get paid.

City or Location of call: 1811 West Park Road, Suite D, Arlington, TX 76013
Please submit to: by 2016-07-12

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