Actors for Cleveland Ohio Indie Film Project


Going Backwards

Location: Cleveland Ohio

Type: Film

Max-  (Main Character) introvert, quiet but well spoken. Has a troubled home life with a single father and experiences resentful grief of his recent mother’s death. Not normal/emotional stable.

Bud-  (Main Character)  More outgoing than Max, has similar outlook on life as Max but spends his time differently. Has troubled home life, has an abusive father, and a loving mother yet passive personality, she isn’t strong willed.

Dan-  (Main Character) Extrovert, outgoing, good friend of Max and Bud, but film does not focus on his internal life/feelings). Has a comfortable home life.

Max, Bud, and Dan all share very similar interest, (music, film, philosophies, aspirations, etc.)

Max’s Girlfriend-(Minor character) attractive, teenager, she is nice, she makes max feel like everything makes sense

Max’s Father- (Minor character) quite, dealing with loss of his wife, only involved in his eternal conflict.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Cleveland Ohio
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2 thoughts on “Actors for Cleveland Ohio Indie Film Project

  1. Jackson Coolahan

    I was wondering if you needed any extras for the film? I would be more than willing to do extra work if possible.

  2. Cameron Smith

    I’m not exactly expecting a response back from anybody, but I can give it a try. My name is Cameron Smith, but I prefer to be called Caleb. My home state is Michigan. I’m a semi-good actress, only because I’ve been in multiple plays for school. But I’ve never shot any actual films in the past. It would be absolutely marvelous to be a part of the Cleveland, Ohio Indie Film Project I’m fourteen years old, and I’ll turn fifteen in October of 2016. I’m of Caucasian, Mexican, English, Polish, and Indian. I have boyish like dark brown hair almost black (I am willing to change my hair), green eyes, and tan skin. I’m fairly short for my age, I’m 5’2 and I weigh right around 114 lbs. I understand the four different types of personalities so I can get along with about anybody. I am currently taking French in school, and have little experience with instruments. I am also in JROTC and have earned many awards on the teams. I have taken part in school plays in the past, some major roles but mostly I only had a few lines, but I’m willing to give this audition a shot if I’m considered. I am willing to video chat for an audition if it’s too far away from home, but if it’s near, I will do my best to come.
    Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!


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