Auditions for Comedy “Waiting To Inhale The Movie” Speaking Roles in Atlanta


Waiting To Inhale The Movie

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

Waiting to Inhale The Movie will be filming in the Atlanta area this spring / summer and will be holding auditions for local talent to fill various, speaking roles. This is a non-union production and roles are paid. Auditions will be held mid month and will be by appointment only. Please see the character breakdowns below.

“Waiting To Inhale The Movie” is a comedy based on a hot day in the summertime in Atlanta, Georgia when four suburban kids spend the entire day searching for some marijuana to smoke.

The movie begins with Nate and his sidekicks Zulu, Pimp, and Zulu’s little brother Larry, drive all over Atlanta searching for a marijuana dealer. With every turn, the crew keeps running into situations that make it more and more difficult to complete their mission. From buying fake marijuana to being harassed by local police patrol, nothing goes the way they want it to go. The funny thing about the entire situation is Nate’s neighbor, Big Roe and his friends, actually sell marijuana but won’t do business with Nate because of an old high school love triangle that went sour. To make matters worse, Nate and his crew are on borrowed time. They have to find what they need before sundown because they don’t want to get caught by the Midnight Robbing Crew making their rounds. To help them navigate through the city, AB+L Radio personality, Fly Ty, keeps Nate and his crew updated on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Georgia, via the car radio.

Nate is older now, tired of living with his mother, and looking to go back to school. Zulu, a former high school star athlete, wants to go back to school and play football. Pimp is just another childhood friend who just so happens to be a ladies’ man. Lil’ Larry, Zulu’s overly-mannish younger brother, is forced to hang with Zulu while their mother is at work. They are all on different paths in life; however, today they have one thing in mind…they are all WAITING TO INHALE!

This story is full of fun, laughter, and suspense. Follow Nate and his crew on a one-day comical journey to Inhale.

Waiting to Inhale The movie cast

May 14, 2016 – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
(Please note, all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs: June 6 – 10, 2016

Character Breakdown:

AA female age 25. 5’5”-5’6”. Young natural beauty. Well educated. Slender build but well developed. Shoulder length natural hair. Childhood friend of Nate and secretly in love with him. Lives in a abusive home. Cute young face.

African American Male. Age 19-23 5’8-5’11”. Muscular build. Lead support role. College walk on inspiring football player walk on. Best friend of Nate. Older brother of Lil Larry. High energy. Very funny.

AA female age 25-30 5’5”-5’6”. Sexy young body. Heavy makeup. Overly confident and conceited. Promiscuous. Nate current girlfriend. Dress ratchet and revealing.

AA male Age 25-30 6’1”-6’2” Athletic build. Local cable man. Ex-convict. Seriously funny.

AA Male age 25-30 6’0”-6’2” Possible dreadlocks. Slightly overweight. Big Roe’s sidekick.

AA Male 25-30 5’10”-6’0” Clean cut. Slim muscular. Big Roe’s sidekick.

(Candy & Bubble Gum) IDENTICAL TWINS
AA Females 18-22 5’5”-5’6” slender athletic build. Exotic dancer like. Heavy makeup. Good digger. Loud ratchet attitude. Bubble gums twin sister. Allegra’s sidekick.

AA female. Age 25-30 5’6”-5’8”. Very cute. Plus Size. Nate’s first high school kiss. Big Roe’s ex-girlfriend.

Ms. Dawson
AA female 40-45 5’8”-5’10” Slender build alcoholic. Mother of Sheila.

Officer Parker
Partner of Grant. Rookie officer. (No specific physical description)

Big Roe’s Mother
Lesbian mother of Big Roe. (No specific description)

Big Roe’s Mother’s Girlfriend
Girlfriend of Big Rose’s lesbian mother. (No specific description)

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Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
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