Award Winning Stage Play Holding Actor, Dancer and Singer Auditions for Paid Theatrical Roles in Atlanta


Casting Actors, Singers & Dancers for Musical Stage Production

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Theater

Simple Tiffany Soul Productions presents another award winning Stage Production, Angels in Training.
Director: Tiffany Roberts

Non-equity, PAID (Pay varies per role)

Four Shows: January 27-29, 2017 @ Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center

Growing up in the horrors of domestic violence, Alyssa thought she had broken the vicious cycle until it crept back into her life. Now a mother of two and desperately tired of the beatings, she sincerely prays to GOD to take her life not realizing what she is asking for. In true fashion of prayer answering, God takes her life but instead of bringing her to Heaven he takes her through Angel Training camp, right outside of Heaven.

Email professional, head-shot, resume, demo reel demonstrating your vocal range and a 1-2 minute video taped monologue Subject Line: Role you are submitting

Angels in Training stage play cast


Alyssa (Lead) – Late 20’s to early 30’s, African American. Singer/Dancer.

Bryson (Lead) – Mid to late 30’s, African American. Physically fit. Singer/Dancer.

Lyssa (supporting lead) – Age 10, African American. Singer/ Some dancing.

Bryson Jr. or BJ (supporting lead) – Age 8, African American. Singer/ Some dancing.

Angel of Death (Lead) – Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s, Bi-racial or African American. Singer/dancer.

Mother Angel (Lead) – Early to late 50’s, any race. Singer.

Angel of the Gate (Lead) – Male, Mid 30’s to early 50’s, any race. Comedian/ Some dancing. This character has to have natural humor.

Angel of Drill (supporting lead) – Any gender or race. Singer/Stepper. Must be Physically fit.

Angel of the Word (supporting) – Male, African American, Late 40’s to mid 50’s. Singer/Some dancing. Prefer a Pastor.

Angel of Melody (supporting) – Female, Any race, any age. Strong Singer/ Some dancing

Angel of Love (supporting) – Female, African American, Mid to late forties. Singer

Angel of Long Suffering (supporting) – Any gender, any race, any age. Very Humble

Angel of Mercy (supporting) – Female, any race, late 20’s to early 30’s. Soft spoken

Satan (Lead) – Doubles as Bryson – (SEE BRYSON’s Description)

Jesus – Male, African American or Caucasian, Early to mid 30’s.

Melyssa (supporting) – African American, Early to mid 30’s. Singer.

Preacher (supporting) – Any race, Late 50’s to early 60’s

Older Lyssa (supporting) – African American, Early 20’s. Singer/Dancer. Physically fit

Older Bryson Jr. (supporting) – African American, 19 to mid 20’s. Singer/dancer

Bullies 1,2, and 3 (supporting) – Any race, 14 to 17. Singers

Joseph (supporting) – Any race, 13 to 15. He is the victim of the bullies.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2016-07-15

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