Bay Area / Sacramento TV Pilot Needs Actors For Lead and Supporting Roles

By | January 9, 2016

Sac-Town, Pilot

Location: San Francisco, CA

Type: Web series

Sac-Town Pilot Casting Call, a comedy crime drama. The project is seeking Bay area actors for the roles listed below.  The low budget, independent pilot will be filming in the spring 2016 in and around the Sacrament, California area.

Rich and Carlos are two meth dealin’ gangbangers running and embracing the streets of Sacramento.

“One minute you’re getting high, laughing your ass off with the homies, next thing you know it’s a fuckn’ raid, and you’re gone 5 to10.”-Wolfgang

Ultra Low Budget SAG rates. Will be hiring both SAG and Non Union actors.

Please send a headshot and resume. If you have any video, feel free to send links to Carlos Carmona at

Casting the following roles:

Carlos Mendez-(Co-Lead) A 19 year old dark, chubby, Mexican American with average looks and not an imposing figure. He can roll his R’s, but is only fluent in English. In a very short span, Carlos has went from participating in a high school Academic Decathlon, to becoming a Sacramento gang bangin’ meth dealer. Carlos’ hero is his street mentor Rich, a friendship he has longed for. His tongue is full of wit and his gun is full of bullets, ready to use both with no hesitation. Under his street tough armor, is a young man still deeply in love with his ex younger girlfriend who continues to lead him by the nose.

Rich Balanco-(Co-Lead) a 25 year old, Muscular, Light Skinned, English only, Latino. A 6 foot leading man type, with tattoos, and hands of stone. Rich can enter a room and both women and men will stop, and he knows this. 2 years of jail time and a high IQ has given him a false sense of experience and superiority. His love for family and close friends is very strong, but so his love for the street life. (Tattoos would be nice, but not necessarily needed)

Wolfgang-half Mexican/German, mid 40s auto shop owner full of street wisdom, body hair, belly, and tattoos. He has respect from both the young and old, for in his 20s, nobody fucked with Wolfgang. (Tattoos would be nice, but not necessarily needed)

Wiley-any race, mid 40’s mechanic and expert of getting wired off Meth. From Crank to Crystal, he had done it. Picture him looking like Wile E. Coyote after 20 years on meth. (Tattoos would be nice, but not necessarily needed)

Tony-African-American male in his mid 20’s. Straight money making hustla’. Some say he had a four leaf clover in a safe. Full of financial instincts, but no killer skills. (Tattoos would be nice, but not necessarily needed)

Leesa-Mexican-American beautiful woman, 30 years old. Rich’s baby’s mama of 3 children. At her age she already has been through enough drama for a lifetime. Despite Rich’s wild and unpredictable lifestyle, she will never leave him. That is her Man.

George-Mid 50’s Mexican-American father of Carlos. A loving and providing father, but perhaps not the best role model, for he knows of his son’s lifestyle, and doesn’t try to change it. He’s still a hard worker and use to be a hard drinker. George must have skinny legs. He speaks Spanish when he as to.

Nellie-Late 40’s Mexican-American beautiful mother of Carlos. A God fearing mother who was a chola back in her day. Although she fears for Carlos as he hits the streets, Nellie has supreme confidence in her son. She may love Carlos more than God. Nellie speaks Spanish when she as to.

Officer Hernandez-Late 20s, Mexican-American cop, with both small muscles and a douchie-skinny mustache. Hernandez grew up in the LA gang land, and now despises street thugs. His goal in life is to be the best cop he can be and move up the ranks to the narcotic force.

Officer Farmer-40 year old white male. His mustache should be dipped in bronze and put in a museum. Farmer is 10 years from a nice cozy retirement, so as much he loves to uphold the law, his goal is to get home alive to his family each and every night.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Carlos Carmona, Melos INC, Director/Producer

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