Casting Call in Detroit – Local Actors for Boxing Film



Location: Detroit, MI

Type: Film

Detroit-centered boxing film.

Log-line: With his father battling illness, Boxer must fight for his family the best way he knows how: professional boxing.

Please send an email with Subject Line “(DESIRED ROLE)” to

Character Breakdown:

[BOXER] **CAST** Male, Caucasian, Mid-twenties. In-shape, boxer physique: sturdy and quick. Determination in his eyes. A true fighter for his family, his little brother, and eventually in the ring as well. Carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Partial nudity required for boxing/training sequences. **CAST**

[LITTLE BRO] Male, Caucasian or Mixed, under 4’, to play elementary school-age. BOXER’s little brother. Not overly-cute, has look of modest home life, scruffy hair, good smile. Sees his older brother (BOXER) as his hero. Strong facial expression acting required.

[COUSIN] Male, Caucasian or Mixed, 5’8”+, to play late 20’s Hard-looking, rough around the edges. BOXER / LITTLE BRO’s cousin, new gym owner. His physique is a less lean build than the boxer, still in shape, not what he used to be. Wears leg brace and is somewhat frail because of it. Still has passion for fighting. Sees a lot of himself in the boxer. Boxing experience preferred. Strong actor.

[DAD] Male, Caucasian or mixed, 5’8”+, to play 50s-60s. Father to BOXER / LITTLE BRO. Working man, rough hands, worn face. It’s clear the hope and determination in our hero originates from him. Lately, he’s lost some glow and is more frail from illness. Gruff but loveable. Strong actor.

[MOM] Female, Caucasian or Mixed, 5’6” or shorter, to play 40s. Mother to BOXER / LITTLE BRO. Thin. Looks older than she is, worry-stricken face, does her best to hide it. She sees the never give up attitude in her son that he learned from his dad, gives her hope. Has a warm smile, genuine. Strong actor.

[YOUNGER BOXER] Male, Caucasian, 4-5’, to play 8-10. Small. Gentle face, resemblance to BOXER (see reference:

[YOUNG BOXER] Male, Caucasian, 5’+, to play 12-14. Lean, not muscular, but athletic. Strong resemblance to BOXER (see reference:

[OPPONENT BOXER] Male, African American, 5’8”-5’10”, to play 20s-30s. Bigger than Boxer, boxer physique. Boxing experience preferred. Partial nudity required for boxing sequences.

[CHALLENGER] Male, Caucasian or Mixed, 5’8”-5’11”, to play 20s-30s. Bigger than boxer, muscular; boxer physique. Shaved head and hungry, animal-like look on his face. Boxing experience preferred. Partial nudity required for boxing sequences.

[BUTCHER] Male, Any race, to play 50s-60s. Jolly disposition, soft heart. Could be heavyset.

[CLERK] Male/Female, Any race, to play 40s-50s. Clerk at local grocery market.

[REF] Male, Any race, to play 30s-50s. Experienced referee, graying/peppered hair. Athletic build.

[OPPONENT COACH] Male, Any race, to play 40s-60s. Passionate, loud.

[CHALLENGER COACH] Male, Any race, to play 40s-60s. Clean-cut, slicked hair. More reserved, but also passionate in instructions.

[CUSTODIAN] Male, Any race, to play 40s-70s. Scruffy, laid-back, thin. Compassionate face.

[BULLY] Male, Caucasian or mixed, to play 10y.o. Mischievous face, thicker build.

[BOSS] Male, Any race, to play 30s-50s. Corporate-type, and true ‘business man’. Money-hungry, no sympathy. Expressive face acting.

Detroit Boxing Film

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit, MI
Please submit to: by 2016-03-25

This casting notice was posted by: Banana-Dragon Productions

5 thoughts on “Casting Call in Detroit – Local Actors for Boxing Film

  1. Shawn Patrice Jones

    Shawn Patrice Jones , I trained under three time world champion female boxer Eva sweet magic Jones , sparring pro fighters ,Sam black ice Gibson and pro fighter Tyrone Jones . most rounds in a sparring day 15 row and can still go. Martial Arts since 8 yrs old tae kwon do and penitentiary street fighting style altoe.


    I am a black male, ex top amateur and professional fighter, I fought on ABC WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS, I fought on NBC in 1989, on the under card of George Foreman. I’ve been to acting school and have been in lead roles Souls of Black Men/Rodney Rodhes, and in The Forever People/modcitymedia, if you have any questions call me.

    1. Nathan Houser

      Well I guess you didn’t give me a call because my phone # wasn’t there, but you got my email! I’m waiting for this part for years dudes! come on I got what you looking for.


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