Casting Call in Edmonton, Alberta for “The Blue the Red and the Gray” Web Series

By | May 17, 2016

The Blue the Red and the Gray

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Type: Web series

Casting dialogue heavy, ultra-low-budget, political procedural, set in St. Paul (filming in Edmonton and other locations.) The show will be about precarian political actors and policy challenges of the early 21st century.

Main characters:

State Rep. Ashley Stanton (R-St. Paul) 22, Black, cisfeminine. Cynical unconventional Republican.

Communications Director Bethany Hayes. 34, Irish, transfeminine. Brilliant, incisive, angry, red-tory transfeminist emigre from Canada. Lesbian. Divorced.

Outreach Director Aaron Altman. 21, Black, cismasculine-IDENTIFIED (pretransition trans women will be able to transition while holding the role without difficulty). Good researcher, bad politician. Diligent, radical, soft-spoken, sometimes too beholden to what people say as opposed to what they mean.

Executive Director – EWOW Minnesota, Raquel Faucher. 36, white, cisfeminine, constant angry debating partner of Bethany as they battle over the nature of feminism.

Please e-mail to indicate your interest. A copy of a relevant script will be forwarded.

If you don’t meet the demographic requirements listed for these characters, this is a large, ensemble, cast, and we will be happy to notify you of any roles upcoming in writing that may be suited for you. It’s about politics, as my co-exec says, we may need some old white guys too, despite our desire to make a series that features a few less of them.

Payment: Other
SAG Ultra-Low-Budget Minimum. Deferred. Back-end will be made available, Showrunner pay also deferred.

City or Location of call: Edmonton, Alberta
Please submit to: by 2016-07-05

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