Casting Call for Teen Actors in New Jersey for Web Series “Code Blue”


Code Blue

Location: Online but project films in Cape May Court House NJ

Type: Web series

Me and some friends are currently writing a pilot episode for or YouTube we series Code Blue. It will shoot in Cape May Court House New Jersey. The story is similar to Greys Anatomy but it focuses more on the patients stories. All the patients are girls and they come from all over the world to be treated at a international hospital here in America. Characters listed below:

Code Blue Characters

Rina: a 16 year old girl from Oslo Norway and the main character. She has Susac Syndrome which means she struggles with psych issues such as falling in and out of depression suddenly with out warning, aggressive behavior, and uncontrollable inappropriate gestures, weakness in her arms, and occasionally seizures.Loss of perpetual vision. Ringing in her ears. Should be able to speak fluent English, Norwegian, and Swedish as well as possess a decent understanding of German.
No needed physical attributes.

Suyeon: a 16 year old Italian girl who is half Japanese half Korean and lived in Milano. She has PAN. She almost always feels just sick in general. She is extremely fatigued with constant high fever and extreme loss of weight of up to 30 pounds at once. Must be able to speak fluent English and Italian and should have a basic understanding of Korean and Japanese. Must be Asian!

Milla: a 17 year old girl from Parung Indonesia. She has periodic limb movement disorder and experiences uncontrollable leg spasms, has trouble sleeping and what little sleep she gets is pretty restless, and she is always tired but as mentioned above can never seem to get sleep. Must know English and Indonesian. Must be Asian!

Jana: a 17 year old girl from Melbourne Australia. She has Perthes. This means she has insufficient use of her hips and is always falling down and getting injured. Must be able to speak English and Japanese. Me

Parsoyeon: a 16 year old girl from Puch’on South Korea. She has Henoch- Schonlein purpura. She has a painless rash all over her body that goes along with symptoms of a normal cold as well as abdominal and joint pain. Must be able to speak Korean (character speaks little English) Must be Asian!

Kayla: a 17 year old girl from Houma Louisiana. She has very bad asthma. She suffers from long coughing fits, shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in her chest. Must speak good English. Has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Lily: a 13 year old girl from Tomahawk Wisconsin. She has bronchiolitis and suffers from a near constant runny nose, fever, coughing, wheezing, rapid and shallow breathing, and a loss of appetite. Has blond hair and blue eyes. Must speak good English and have a working knowledge of Spanish and German.

Carolina: a 16 year old girl from San Salvador El Salvador. She has Croup which so stance for her age and suffers from coughing, raspy breathing and difficulty doing that much, stiffness in her neck, a high fever and has issues sleeping. She must be Hispanic! Must speak Spanish and have a working knowledge of English and French.

Kathy: a 16 year old girl from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. She has trouble sleeping because she likes to stop breathing at night which is why she is hospitalized. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Must speak English and have a working knowledge of French and Chinese.

Methadone: a 16 year old girl from Moscow Russia. She has a Congenial Clubbed Foot. Her left ankle is always stiff and lacks full rang of motion. Her left leg is shorter then her right. She has brown hair and green eyes. Must speak Russian. Have a good knowledge of English and German.

Nicki: a 17 year old girl from Santa Domingo Dominican Republic. She has Restless Leg syndrome. She feels like bugs are crawling up her legs, constantly needs to move her legs, has a hard time falling asleep and often wakes up soon after she does, is always tired and is pretty aggressive. Is Hispanic. Speaks fluent Spanish and English. Helps to have working knowledge of Italian, Russian, Arabic, and French.

Emiri: a 14 year old girl from Nakatsu Japan. She has juvenile ankylosing spondylitis. She suffers from not being able to move upon waking up in the morning, constant stabbing pain in her butt and lower back, pain in her feet, swelling of her joints, trouble standing, pain in her abdomen combined with diarrhea and extreme weight lose, she’s always tired and has blurry vision. She must be Asian! She only speaks Japanese so please know how to speak it f you apply!

Caitlin: a 16 year old girl from Minneapolis. She has Lupus. She suffers from extreme weight loss, fever, being tired, a rash all over her body, joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and almost all her organs are failing so she is dying (kidney, brain, heart, lungs) she has brown hair and brown eyes. She speaks English. Should have a working knowledge of German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Online but project films in Cape May Court House NJ
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    Hi I was wondering what is needed to apply for the roles. If you could reply I would appreciate it. Thank you.


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