Independent Movie Trailer “OK What Now?” Casting Lead Roles in Baltimore

By | August 20, 2016

Ok What Now?
Actors for independent trailer but will be considered for full production.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Audition to be held September 24, 2016.  Seeking non-union talent. Please note that these are non-paid roles.

“Ok What Now” is a LGBTQ web series about two women who meet each other and have instant chemistry. The two women began a budding romantic relationship and as things progress cultural differences and life experiences begin to become apparent. Will their relationship withstand or will they be left picking up the broken pieces within themselves?

Principal Roles

Saniya, (Female, mid to late 20s)
Saniya has recently discovered that she is a lesbian. She’s a really witty and intelligent woman. This new reality is difficult to process along with her culture but then she meets Skylar who makes her feel comfortable with her sexuality. She should appear to be Middle Eastern. Actress must be willing to kiss women on screen.

Skylar, (Female, mid to late 20s, African American)
Skylar is trying to figure out what she wants out of life. She’s is a funny and caring person. She is comfortable with her sexuality and being a lesbian. She meets Saniya and her outlook on life changes in a positive direction. Actress must be willing to kiss women on screen.

Shooting Location: Baltimore (Mt.Vernon)

Send headshots and resume (if you have one) to . Questions can be forwarded to same email.
Must Bring Headshots to Audition, if you don’t email them beforehand.
Subject line: Role Your Applying For. Must have transportation and weekend availability!

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