Indie Film, Anthology Project Casting Actors in Lawrenceville, GA


Real False Stories: Perception

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Type: Film

We are looking for actors for our short film which is part of an anthology called Real False Stories.

It consist of 4 different stories taking place in the same city, the first story the we are producing is called Perception and it is about a man named Jim who’s faith and love for his family create a conflict when he discovers that his wife is losing her faith, and he struggles to decide what to do in order to get her back to the “safe path”.

We want to shoot scenes for the trailer first to show investors and for out indie gogo campaign, so we are looking for 5 actors.

Jim: Mid-thirties, ethnicity unimportant, humble, with a strong sense of responsibility, and very devoted to his faith, he looks like a suburban middle-class husband, from the suburbs, clean cut shaved with glasses.

Abby (Jim’s wife): Mid to late twenties, ethnicity unimportant she is a humble and simple, self-sufficient, she keeps herself busy all the time, her son is very important to her, she works at a nonprofit.

Gamaliel: 7-9 years old, he’s a small kid for his age, he is into comic books and has a very vivid imagination, and he is a bright kid.

Oscar: An Older guy (in his 60’s), with a rough voice, ethnicity not important, plainly dressed, but with a rough look on his face.

Rev Damien: Early 40’s, ethnicity unimportant he is a very charismatic clean cut guy he is somewhat arrogant, with a sense of self-righteousness, well educated, and privileged.

Rev’s Wife: Early 40’s, ethnicity unimportant, very phony, lots of make-up, and very high maintenance, she knows better than everyone else, she likes to put herself above everyone because of her husband’s community status.

You have to be OK with strong language, and some partial nudity. It is a big plus if you speak Spanish since we want to produce the movie in both English and Spanish and would be neat if we can use the same actors, however, it is not a requirement.

MC Studios

Phone: 404-618-2813
Head shoot, Full body Shot, Full Name, Age, Contact Info.
We will respond with audition information. Good luck!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Lawrenceville, GA
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