Los Angeles Area Actors for Studio Pitch Teaser


The Hiding

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Film

Casting for a teaser we are shooting to pitch a script idea to major studios. Our producing partner and writer is on a major tv drama and this is a passion project we are involved in. This teaser will be shown by a major talent agency to several top studios.

It will be a 2 day shoot in late summer or fall, in the Los Angeles area. This project is in the horror film genre along the lines of Insidious, The Conjuring and such.
Please send your headshot and also links to your most recent work.

The roles we are looking to fill are as follows:

JOSH (24-30) confident, athletic build, handsome kid, his eyes sparkle as he smiles across the room. Responsible, driven and loyal. Owns a small cleaning company.

AMANDA (23-27) a gorgeous tomboy has “new girl” written all over her. First time on the job, right out of college type. athletic, slender body type. Bright eyes are preferable

SKIP (24-30) Best friends with Josh and can be sarcastic and a wildcard. A prankster that has worked with Josh for years. Could be handsome or geeky type as well. (Please include shots with eyeglasses if you have them, we are still deciding what type of character traits skip has)

Villain (22-35) We will be accepting all types of male characters for this that have interesting facial features or bodies. This character will also have fx makeup partially on the face as well. We are looking for large somewhat muscular imposing males, think Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers. Also tall skinny males with interesting looks that can be scary.

Extra Actors / Contortionists
We will also be casting a few actors that have very unique looks or have the ability to look scary. Think paranormal, demonic possession and so forth. must have the ability to be animated or frightening on camera.
Also looking for a contortionist for one of the scenes.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: thehidingcasting@gmail.com by 2016-07-08

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  1. Angel Ace

    Can you please forward all castings from Las Vegas, NV to me. I own a modeling school and would love to send models to these castings.


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