Mobile Alabama Casting for Lead Roles in Superhero Web Series


Casting for superhero web-series “Sparrow-Hawk” Major Roles (New project name in the works)

Location: Mobile, AL

Type: Web series

Sparrow-Hawk is a web-series that’ll be posted to Vimeo about a teenage vigilante named Jeremy Ross.
The project’s story goes: Jeremy Ross is a 15 year old track star at Port City High. When Jeremy was younger his father was a criminal who didn’t care for his family and often abused his son before he was sent off to prison. When his father’s gang returns looking for money from Jeremy’s mother, he decides to use his skills in track, robotics, and forensics to take up the persona of “Sparrow-Hawk” and take down his father’s gang.

The roles and descriptions for those roles are listed below. Auditions may be sent over e-mail via video format. If you are interested, e-mail the address listed above and you’ll be sent a rough cut of the script that you can use during your audition.

  • -Melissa Ross, Jeremy’s mother. Age: 35-40. Preferably brown hair but isn’t necessary. Description: Loving and caring, but very protective when it comes to her son.
  • -Scott Clark. Age: 14-16. Must be able to play a sort of hyper and curious character. Description: Jeremy’s long time best friend who gets curious when Jeremy starts acting distant and mysterious.
  • -Anna Lang: Age: 14-16. Must be in decent shape and able to run moderately fast. Also must be able to play a smart and caring person who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or her friends. Description: Anna is Jeremy’s other best friend who has a crush on him. The two are in track and field together and quickly finds out Jeremy’s vigilante persona and holds it against him for a while, but eventually wants to help.
  • -Mason Ross, Jeremy’s father. Age: 35 – 45. Must be able to play a threatening character that the audience can fear and hate, but love as a sort of villain. Description: Mason Ross is Jeremy’s abusive criminal father who was sent to prison. Must have a deep love-hate for his son whenever they see each other.

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Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Mobile, AL
Please submit to: by 2016-12-22

This casting notice was posted by: Colton Sheffield Films

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  1. Ethan Lawson

    Very interested in this series. What would I have to do to play Scott? I tried emailing you but it didn’t work.


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