Multiple Student Films Need Chicago At Actors

FE Chicago Casting Call- Multiple Films

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Student Films

Fire Escape Films is the film production society at the University of Chicago. Since 1997, Fire Escape has prided itself on providing actors with a stable work environment, flexible work hours, and providing a network for actors and valuable experiences and exposure to last a lifetime.

Headshot, Resume* PLEASE SUBMIT BY 11:59PM 4/13/2016 for the following films:

1) “Let’s Go”

Drew’s little brother, Noah, is a nerdy high school student who comes to visit his older, cooler, brother at college. At first, Drew is embarrassed of Noah’s immaturity and lack of experience. However, after a surprising turn of events and a wild party night, Drew’s relationship with Noah is put to the test. Will Noah and Drew become closer as brothers? Or will this last ride be the thing that tears them apart?

Looking to cast: Noah and Drew’s Mom

Middle aged woman, Caucasian, preferably 30 (passing) to 45 years of age, worried about her youngest having his first college experience.

Shooting date: April 23

2) “Carcer”

A short film detailing the final meal of two prisoners. Reginald, one of the prisoners, attempts to reflect on the glory that he believes he has achieved in committing his murder, but the only response he receives from the Unnamed Prisoner is one of apathy and, eventually, anger and frustration. This film is an attempt to accurately depict evil in this world, while also avoiding the romanticism of murderers that is so commonly seen in tv and movies today.

Reginald: Tall, gaunt, somewhat soft) spoken. Male, mid 40s, race ambiguous. A murderer who takes pride in his actions, a religious fanatic, erudite, and deliberate.

Unnamed Prisoner- Male, race ambiguous, 40s-50s, shorter and heavy set [preferably]. A murderer who regrets his actions but attempts to hide his regret behind a caustic veneer. Undercuts Reginald at every instance.

Prison Guard- Ambivalent, race ambiguous, gender ambiguous, 30’s-40’s. Few lines of dialogue, brings prisoners their meals and removes handcuffs. Needs to look experienced in the motions.

*Please submit Headshot and/or Resume with the subject line of the Film Name and the Role you are interested in to

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL

Please submit to: by 2016-04-14

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