New Discovery Network Family Survival Show Casting Nationwide

By | February 25, 2016

Audition for Discovery Channel NEW Family Survival Show

The creators of the hit survival reality show “Naked and Afraid”  are working on another reality series focused on survival in the great outdoors. No worries, in this show, everyone will be clothed.

Are you a survavalists with tough family that can survive anywhere in the world? Do your kids know how to forage for food, find and purify water and maybe even build a shelter? If so, here is an opportunity to take a survival challenge with your family. Casting directors for the series are seeking families of all kinds including extended families which may include friends and partners.

Ready to take the challenge? See below for details on how to apply for the show.

Think your family has what it takes to survive in the most remote places on earth? Ready to heroically battle the elements as you find water, forage for food, and build shelter?


Discovery family survival series

Daring families will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to an international destination. They will work together conquering storms, starvation, predators and prey in their quest to survive.
To apply e-mail with

“DISCOVERY SURVIVAL SHOW” in the subject line:

1. Names and ages of family members
2. Phone number
3. City and State
4. Why do you nominate your family for this opportunity?
5. Attach a few family photos

Participating family members must be 18 or older. Families can blended and extended – may include grandparents, parents, children, partners and friends.

From the creators of the Emmy Nominated Discovery series “Naked and Afraid” comes a brand new survival show for families.
Families will be clothed as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to an international destination. They will work together conquering storms, starvation, predators and prey in their quest to survive.


4 thoughts on “New Discovery Network Family Survival Show Casting Nationwide

  1. Victor Tito Rivera jr

    I am the United States Army combat veteran and I have a large family six girls and one boy. Giving a chance we will impress you with our fun and cheerful family. Spending time with the Rivera family will have you laughing and in tears we are a tight knit family with all of the family issues and problems and have no one to guide us in life so we learned to deal with it on our time now it becomes fun. Sit back and let your mind,body and soul maintain while we take you through life with your every day family struggle to try to do the right thing without getting trouble. Hope to see you soon. I promise you wont regret it. Move aside Kardashians, Jersey shore, and all the other shows new Latin family moving in with the best ratings ever. All we need is a chance. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Shelia Hines

    This man has what it takes, check him out on you tube way of life outdoor and survival Mike hines

  3. Bassam AlGharabli

    Hello, My name Bassam. I am 21 years old and I live in Lebanon. I adore adventure and have had many adventures in my country. I wish to join a survival show because I have power to do this challenge and because I want prove myself.

  4. Mark M Grenier

    My wife and I have 9 altogether (six at home..) one with Downs and he keeps up with all of us…(no worries there)
    We built our own home to sustain off the grid, My sons and I hunt and fish and trap for food. We grow a l very large organic garden. Survival skill were engrained to my children early… fire by friction to wilderness. orientation. Yes we have eaten milkweed and cattail. I have made approximately a dozen self bows/arrows from existing trees that can put game down. My sons trap. I myself am an ICU nurse specializing in cardiac surgery. I bring a lot to your party.
    My wife is college educated and home schools all children. manager deluxe… phenomenally strong lady.

    the Mark Grenier Family is built to survive


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