New Extras Casting Call out For HBO’s “Ballers” in Florida

By | January 19, 2016

HBO’s sports comedy “Ballers” is in production in the Miami area and looking to fill lots of small, extras roles.

Dwayne Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore, an ex superstar football player who is now looking to get the same type of success in being a financial manager for athletes.

The show is set in sunny Miami where Strasmore is told to “monetize his friendships,” Spencer quickly gets many young superstars and old veterans on board but figures out money management is not all they need help with.His role in their lives far exceeds money management as he struggles to help them navigate the many traps that come with life as big-time “ballers.”

Ballers” is created by Stephen Levinson (“Entourage,” “Boardwalk Empire“) and is produced by Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Dany Garcia, Rob Weiss and Evan Reilly. The new series aired it’s first episode on June 21, 2015 and is still in production for new episodes. A month after it’s premiere, HBO announced that “Ballers” would be renewed for a second season.

The comedy has so far been successful for HBO and in a Variety story, HBO’s original programming chief Michael Lombardo commented “The charismatic and hugely talented Dwayne Johnson, along with the rest of the ‘Ballers’ cast, has truly struck a chord with the HBO audience,” he also added  “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response the series has received and look forward to another exciting season.

Marinella Hume Casting is looking for some specific types to work in various scenes that will be filming later this month in January 2016. The roles listed below will work between the 21st and 29th of this month. Currently, they are only considering talent that is local to the area, so please do not apply if you do not live in Miami.

Casting extras in Miami for Ballers

Interested? Here is the Marinella Hume casting notice:

Please do not submit if you do not live in Florida. 

Please note some of these positions may require an interview and/or costume fitting.
Please do not send an email saying “I’m in the database” and proceed to send no pics, sizes, or contact info.
We will be sending out additional casting needs periodically for the duration of filming on Season 2.
Please do not respond to this email if you do not fit any of the roles below.

If you are submitting for multiple roles, send only one email with the different roles in the subject line.
These roles will shoot various days between Thursday, January 21st thru Friday, January 29th.


  • PRO ATHLETE TYPES: Men, all ethnicities, ages 23-40. Pro athlete types, fit & in-shape. This will work Thursday, January 21st (day to night), Friday, January 22nd (overnight night to morning), and potentially Monday, January 25th (day shoot). MUST BE AVAILABLE ALL 3 DAYS. Put “ATHLETE PARTY” in subject line.
  • AGENT TYPES: Looking for professional-looking men, ages 30-70, to play Sports Agents. Shoots Thursday, January 21st (day to night), Friday, January 22nd (overnight night to morning), and potentially Monday, January 25th (day shoot). May also work Friday, January 29th Put “AGENT” in subject line.
  • MIAMI SOCIALITES: Attractive Men & Women, ages 18-45, who have nice clothes and look like they belong to the upper echelon of the Miami social scene. Put “MIAMI SOCIALITE” in subject line. Works various days starting 1/21 thru 1/29.
  • CHILDREN OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS: Looking for boys & girls, ages 6-8. Age range is strict. We will not consider anyone who is not between 6-8 years old. Put “PLAYER KIDS” in subject line. This will work on either Thursday, 1/21 & Friday, 1/22 OR on Friday 1/29.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER TYPES: Young Men, ages 18-23, athletic, former high school or college players, etc. Scheduled to work Friday, January 29th. Put “NFL HOPEFUL” in subject line.
  • LINEMEN: Men, all ethnicities, ages 18-23, athletic, but HUGE, over 6’2″. Defensive Tackle build. Big boys. Scheduled to work Friday, January 29th. Put “LINEMAN” in subject line.
  • EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE FEMALE MODELS: Female, 18-35, ATTRACTIVE & FIT. Comfortable and looks good in a bikini. Playboy/glamour/fitness models!! If you submit for this role, please send current bikini photos taken on the day you submit. This will work Wednesday, January 27th. Put “BIKINI” in subject line.
  • POOL GUYS: Male, ages 18-40, attractive and fit. Must be in shape and ok being in water. Send pics taken day of in swimwear. This will work Wednesday, January 27th. Put “POOL GUY” in subject line.
  • OLDER BLACK GUYS: Black Men, ages 40+, to play family members of athletes. Scheduled to work, Friday, January 29th. Put “FAMILY MAN” in subject line.

Rate for extras is $113/12. *Please note this is a newer rate than what was previously paid on earlier episodes. $113 is guaranteed whether you work 4 hours or 12 hours. Overtime kicks in after 12 hours.

If you have worked on “Ballers” previously this season, please note the scene, episode, role, etc.


To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email to the appropriate project you are submitting for with the below information:

Include the following information:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • Location:
  • Email:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Waist:
  • Inseam:
  • Shoe:
  • Jacket:
  • Blouse/Dress Size:
  • Make/Model/Year/Color of Vehicle:
  • PLEASE NOTE ANY TATTOOS YOU HAVE AND LOCATION OF TATTOOS. If you have No tattoos, simply write “no tattoos”.

Keep in mind, this is a paid job. We expect you to treat it like any other job. This means showing up on time, coming prepared with proper documents and wardrobe, conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times, and not skipping out half way through the day.

New HBO comedy series "Ballers" casting actors in Miami

We shoot Monday thru Friday, expect 12+ hour days. Not all days will be this long, but you should always be prepared to be there for the entire duration of the shoot day. Please keep that in mind when accepting a booking. You cannot leave to pick up kids, walk dog, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Please Including 4 Photos of yourself :
– 1 Head shot style
– 1 Waist up Shot
– 1 Full Body Shot
– 1 Full Body Side Shot

*Photos must be well lit, clear & in focus, no hats, glasses or other props

**These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like

Make sure to note the role you are submitting for in the subject line of your email.

While we love the enthusiasm of some of you, it is not necessary to submit multiple times a day or mulitple times for a single role.

We will be sending out more info regarding our additional casting needs closer to the shoot dates. Please do not respond to this email if you do not fit any of the roles below.

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