New Lifetime Show “The Rap Game” Auditions for Rappers Nationwide


The Rap Game

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Are you America’s Next Young Rap Superstar?

Has your mom or dad devoted their time and life savings to launching your music career? Have you already established a presence on social media, recorded your music and made your own videos?

If you’re between the ages of 8-16 years old and believe you have what it takes to make it to the top of the rap game…

We want to make your dreams come true!

Lifetime’s hit new series “The Rap Game”, is currently searching for the next rap superstar. We’re looking for the next up-and-coming young rappers to compete for a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with renowned rap mogul Jermaine Dupri!

This is life changing to make your dream a reality.

The Rap Game reality show

To be considered please submit with your contact information to: Any social media links and photos are appreciated.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Reality Road

158 thoughts on “New Lifetime Show “The Rap Game” Auditions for Rappers Nationwide

  1. Trinity Wilson (Blun”T”)

    Loyal for the team stackin’ money goin’ ghost got his main B a skin why her n**** in my phone, gotta put ’em on a leash while he’s pissin’ on new territory, certified baddie the realest n**** need em mandatory.

  2. Youngdae

    I always wanted to be a rapper and now I got a chance to become the next new biggest rapper

    1. FamousJit

      I been it never been the one to fail outta misk
      now look at me the famous jit
      Look at me talk when you see me now its the famous jit on tv
      I used to get bullied always been weird
      but still been the toughest cloth I aint never been teared
      shed no tears like at your enemies funeral in the grade A no grave 6 feet under
      been the one at least watch me flip and flash like thunder
      please pick me Jermaine Dupri
      imma shall yall all yall set out to see

  3. Jordan da brat

    I’m 14 years of age. My cousin is Asian doll she is sighed to Gucci mane. I really much learned from her she makes music SHE is signed to Gucci mane so I think all advice well help me call that bro and snatch his chain.
    I wanna prove that us kids can make it to the top just like the artist out now PERIODT.

  4. LiL Nero

    My name is LiL Nero and I’m from Gary in Chicago IL. I am 14 yrs old and ever since I was little, about 2, my mom and grandma said I used to just go around the house rapping. This would be the best opportunity for me ‘cuz I can give my family a better place to live. I know about da ghetto but I’m far from knowing about the hills. I’m just trying to be heard and have every body hear my story. I grew up in the struggle, never knew my dad, so this would be the best opportunity for everybody that doubted me and said I will never be nothing. To figure out every thing I say, I stand on, I will come home with that chain an I will be signed.

  5. Javier Martinez

    Yooooo my name is Javier Martinez aka JAM and I am 16 years old…. I’ve been rapping for a while and got some experience in rapping on stage, freestyling and shooting music videos and I would like a chance to be on the Rap Game and win that chain!

  6. Jeremy Carter

    I’m the beat rapper in these comments, all them talking about where they from – I’m from chi town, hold it down. I don’t write but I can freestyle. I can and will, in the best way possible, take that chain.

  7. Eve moring

    Young E/aka Eve. i’m a rapper and I write my own lyrics. I’m 16 almost 17 years old and I really hope you could reach out to me.

  8. Kieon frew

    The rap game! I am in Binghamton, New York.

  9. Dairius Cowart

    I’m a 16 year old and I feel like I have what it takes to get on The Rap Game.

  10. Lil_Tamka

    I’m a good rapper. I love rapping and it’s always been my dream since I was 5 to be a rapper. I wanna do this for my family.

  11. Youngsavage

    Yo rap is part of my life and I want that chain and record label that would be so good for my family. Give me a chance and hear me.

  12. denzel reid

    I can rap since I was a little kid. When I was growing up I was adopted, me and my little brother. I want that chain.

  13. lil chop

    Was sup, I live in Houston and I’m the best rapper, better then 6ix9ine. Just saying my rapper name is lil chop. I’m 16, going on 17 and just wondering. Would love to be on the Rap Game.

  14. ricky richardson

    I’m the next upcoming raper
    and I’m only 15

  15. Randy

    I’m a rapper trying to get signed. I was wondering if I could get on the show?

  16. Gilbert kasumba

    I am #Gilberto……
    watch out people as I am the next soso def artist…
    nobody can take me out…..

    that chain will be around my neck anytime soon.

  17. kavion embrey

    My name is Kavion Embrey and I am a very talented and unique rapper. I have doing this since I was 7, now I’m 13. I have a lot of songs but not enough money to publish it in the booth, please let me get on the rap game as this has been my dream since my mom died and I never knew my dad. Jermaine Dupree is who I look up too.

    1. kavion embrey

      I am very good please pick me for season 5. I will send y’all some videos and proof that I write my own lyrics. My rap name is (lil kay)

  18. Kaliyah

    And if you think that I got what it takes call, this is a life time thing come true.

  19. Kaliyah

    I’ve been rapping since I was 3 years old. I am an excellent rapper.

  20. Kaliyah

    Hi my name is Kaliyah. I was wanting to get on the rap game ever since I was 8 years old. This would be my dream come true. I feel like I can come and show you what I got. I got what it takes to become the next So So Def artist. I’ve been watching your people and they’re good but young, So So Def artists. I will hope that you get this and think about if I got what it takes.

  21. Lol d

    Pick me. I am the chosen one and I am going to win that chain.

  22. Keshaun

    I’ve been told that poetry is a waste of time… if I never give up.

  23. Keshaun

    You might be really good but everyone needs work, some of us got talent and we want to prove that but we still need work.

  24. lil note

    I am 11 years old and turning 12 soon. Good grades and I have been raping from 5-11. I am a boy from Seattle trying to find my way in this world. I just have a connection to raping that no body can take away. My real name is sincere lee Norris aka Si and I have songs right now if you want to hear them. I am on ig @ sinsane567 and I am posting something soon on ig called blue jag. I think the rap game is perfect for me to get started. I want my raping to go up and never come down. I’m ready for everything you throw at me. I hope to be on season 5 or 6. So as I say lets get it.

  25. Joseph

    Hey my name is Joseph. I been watching this show for a long time. My rapper name is LIL-JP 2.0. I been rapping ever since I was in the 4th grade and I’m in 5 grade now. I’m 12 years old. I want to follow my rapping dream and I was wondering if I can be on the rap game. I already makes songs on YouTube. My YouTube channel is lil b.b. vevo. I’m also on SoundCloud my SoundCloud is lil jp. I hope you check this out. Sincerely LiL JP 2.

  26. Traieonnna earl

    I’m just a young-in trying to make it. They hate on me cause I’m kontaveit. I’m only 12 years old they say I aint make it, I’m so cold. I think… I’m brake it. I’m the best and they aint me, this lil, she hungry for some meat they all love me, they don’t know my name, they go learn. Play with fire you get burned.


  27. Elijah Thompson

    I’m soooo good. I make y’all head straight.

  28. Kyrin Sanders

    Yo you think I do not have bars? well let me tell you this, you going to witness greatness in the faces of speaking different bio races slapping each other in the face rappers are spitting bout knowledge and then too see all this Disgrace raping all in my face all I see is white beater shim sweeper. I’m finna turn into the grim reaper… Spitting bars is my intelligence y’all hating coming up too me with all this irrelevant..

  29. Leryana lopez

    I’m new and on the rise. 9 year old hip hop artist motivated and determined. I’m doing this for me and my family. I take pride and joy in what I do, let’s get itttttt.

  30. Leryana lopez

    I’m headed to the top and nothing can stop me.

  31. Leryana lopez

    School girl Nana, 9 year old artist and the best out there.

  32. Queen Bee

    I’m a new up and coming female rap artist. I’m 15 years old and this is my passion. Giving me chance to show my talent you will be amazed at how I spit and write all my material in 30 to 45 minutes.

  33. Roshawnthomas

    I’m Roshawn, 16 years old and I’m straight out of flint Michigan. I been rapping since I was 8 and I’m trying to make it to the top and never stop.

  34. Destinynash

    I can rap and I have been rapping since I was 2. I love it.

  35. Illestgurlarii

    Aye yall, can yall go check me out on youtube

    Youtube: illestgurlarii 4l

    Please go watch like and comment. I’m trying to get more subscribers and stuff, please and thank you.

  36. Mya hooks

    Can I be on the rap game next season? I’m 8 and I’m pretty good at rapping. plz pick me, it’s mya hooks aka lul mya.

  37. Maria

    Omg, I am so good at my raps. If he sees me. he is going to pick me right away. Love the rap game!

  38. Dezmin

    Hey my name is dezmin. I just turned 17. I am from Cleveland Ohio. I been rapping since I was 7. I love raping. I used to be in a group, now, I’m solo. I would like to be on this show. I am good at what I do – my instagram name is @allaboutdezzy_

  39. Aaron Antwione houston

    Raps just pop in my head when I’m bored, and I was like what the heck I can rap so I just make my own lyrics. Sometimes, and I am happy jumping in my room like can I rap so I want to try to rap.

  40. Malachi

    I swear I’m the best rapper in this country and I’m only 11 lol. How sad but give me a call I’m from Montevallo, Alabama. JD give me shot and I bet I’m making it.

  41. Patrick

    My name is Patrick, but I go by as Yungtakeova. I’m 16 and I live in Jacksonville. It’s hard living here you know gang violence. We are known to be the worst city. See me, I was raised by a loving family. That pushed me for what I wanted and I want to rap. I play other instruments and I freestyle also. I just need to show the world who I am.

  42. Lil swagger

    I can rap, but I haven’t made a music video yet.

  43. yamira

    Y’all need to stop with that “I can rap” and take notes on who really is an artist! Yadda!

  44. Caja

    I just really want to let people see my skills. Forget all this talking ’bout I am gonna get that chain and all that stuff. I love music and that’s all I’M trying to get on here. I will prove real talk, aye bruh bless up, JD.

  45. Denise Rosas

    I will like to enter my 17 yrs old son. His name is Omar but his stage name is Ominous.
    He loves music, sounds and lyrics ECT…
    All he does is rhyme, day in and day out.

  46. Aurelius Eve Lore

    Check Out My Music because I Have Talent.
    Aurelius Eve Lore AKA DatPiff
    Got Like 7 Mix tapes Out And I Released A New One Every Month. I Promise I Won’t Disappoint.

  47. max baker

    my name is max. I am 11 years old. I Like raping and want to be the best rapper.

  48. Osley Smith

    I have what it takes to be on the rap game! I will start posting my raps on youtube: liddleosley – y’all should check me out! Dope rapper in the game!

  49. Shuniia

    I am a 16 year old female artist from Mississippi. I’m made for the rap game pick me. I’m from a different state.

  50. im makayla aka young mnk

    I want to be the new edition to the rap game! I’m 16, got my diploma. I don’t post my raps so hit me up on facebook.

  51. Kvng

    My name is kvng for a reason, it was earned and it won’t hurt to have that chain on my neck.

  52. allenjoseph

    I kill all y’all in the game Allen Joseph, that’s my name and that’s my chain.

  53. Malik

    I have always wanted to be on the rap game. I rap, I have been with deetranada and CZAR and if I get on it, I will believe I can win.

  54. Mariyah Washington

    I have what it takes to be on the rap game and I want this opportunity to be in there.

  55. Alaysha

    I am a great rapper and have been rapping since 4 years old.

  56. Sherise

    My younger sister wants to be apart of this show. How can I get her a audition?

  57. Marqu'ona Engram

    I’m sorry to all of you who think you have a shot at getting that SOSO DEF chain. But I’m going to demolish all of you who are in my way. I’m going to kill all of you with my bars.

  58. Julian Eley

    I am a good rapper and rapping is my passion.

  59. Kidd k

    Me for The Rap Game! please give me a chance at least check me out, I am a 14 yr old artist from Battle Creek MI. I have a Music Video out RIGHT NOW link in my bio. I DON’T curse in my music. I am what the rap game has been missing.

  60. Zaire McLaine

    My name Zaire a.k.a (zah_the_g.o.a.t) I’m 13, just started rapping a year ago but believe I have the talent to be the next sosodef artist and I want to get my family out of this violent neighborhood.

  61. Almighty. j

    I’m gonna spit a few bars…

    Put me on the rap game for that chain is already winning… so wassup, Jermaine? Can’t stop me so get out of my lane. Always killing tracks but that’s just straight facts, money keeps falling so I’m gonna make a splash always at the top as I ain’t never gone be last.

  62. Almighty. j

    Ive been rapping since I was 9. I’m gone stay on my grind To win the rap game and get that chain. I ain’t gonna never give up because I know I can make it.

  63. Trevon Phynon

    I am TREYTHEKING and I will be getting that chain.

  64. Lakendrick

    I’m 13 years old and I’m a really good rapper. I can rap in front of anyone and I hope to be on the show one day.

  65. Kaliyah

    I can really rap. I was rapping since I was 3 years old with my dad, so I really want to be on the rap game since the first season came out. I want to get my family out of the projects.

  66. Niyahjohmson

    I can be on the rap game. I can rap. I try my all and it is my dream to rap since when I was 6 years old. I live in Greenwood MS.

  67. Xavier

    If you want someone who will surprise you it’s me. I’m 13, my name is Xavier. I have no father figure in my life and I want to show him that he left a great boy behind and a fact about me. I’m Africa American and I been writing since 6. I grind all the time. I been in the studio for about 4 years and am an aggressive writer. I will blow your mind and am polite to my elders. I hope you choose the right people because you have been picking a lot of good people so far.

  68. Victoria

    As long as you love something and work hard you can do it.

  69. Young j

    I always have a rap battle at school and home. I win every time as I’m a clever rapper. I can freestyle, diss, entertain and just rap period. I watched season 1, 2 and 3 of the rap game although the artist that I wanted to every season lost. I will come to Atlanta and claim the city to take the chain contract. Watch out because here comes Youngj.

    To: Jermaine dupri

    From: Young J

  70. BigReem

    I got bars, I’m intelligent, clean your block, it’s immaculate, got a safe with racks in it, got more but people might steal my bars like a jail cell, but hmu.

  71. queen jay


    You think you own me cause am lonely am a queen can’t you see every time that I sing, I fell like a queen. I will end you career before you say the word please, I will like a shoe then wear like a boot. I new to play on my own now I own my throne.


  72. ISAIAH


  73. isaiah

    I really can rap I’m like king roscoe but 2 times better.

  74. Ashanti porter

    Heart cold
    But rap game embedded in my soul
    I gotta chance to make it young
    So take it and go
    I’m 14
    And paper green but my live moving slow
    Ain’t no glitch in the moment goin a steady flow
    Wen I spit lyrics my spirit just trynna let you know
    I’m the one that you should put up on yo tv show
    (Y’all wanna battle in the comment ) *ill take it easy *

  75. TONI

    I’m 12 and from Arlington Texas. I am mixed and I know I can do it, so pick me.

  76. Drago

    You can stop talking all that blah blah blah, because that chain and contract is all mine.

  77. Mpres

    I am a 17 year old white rapper from San Antonio, Texas. I have lived with my single mother my whole life. She has never had the means to support me with my dreams (although I know she would love to) and I would like to support her. I have been rapping since I was 12, but I have only been recording for 1 1/2 years and currently have approximately 30 songs on soundcloud and 1 with 30k plays. Please consider me, I can be the best ever on this show.

  78. Eli savage

    If I get on the rap game I’m going to get that chain.

  79. Lettie Morrison

    I can rap. I’m 12 years old and I can rap.

  80. Ladasheus

    I really do hope one day I gets to be on the rap game TV show. I am a good rapper & I write my own songs.
    If you want to check out my new songs on YouTube, feel free to do so, if you think I should be on the rap game #teambabydae, like and share my music.

  81. Rashaad brown

    I love the rap game. I really want to be on the show.

    1. Kermanisha

      What do you think of me being a rapper? I dress like a boss and I know how to rap.

  82. young cj

    Yo girl on this man. I been raping ever since I was 11. I am 16 and I got 2 songs. I wrote all ready and I want people to here it and so I can get in the studio. I love raping, that’s all I want to do is rap. Nothing else that I want other than my dream to come true.

  83. Destiny chevelle clark

    I would really like to be on the rap game.

  84. Jahmelia

    I been wanting to be a rapper since I was 8 and now I’m 13, please choose me.

  85. majestic

    I feel that by being on the rap game I can inspire kids around the world to be their true self so if you want some competition this year on the rap game you should choose majestic!

  86. Queenie


  87. anthony

    I think I can get my dream to come true! I have been rapping since I was 4. I feel like I am lit, I am confident that this can happen. So those are the words I have to say, hope I get picked.

  88. Derrick Fuller "lil deuce"

    I don’t know exactly if the rap game thinks I got what it takes, but I hope if I get a shot I could give them what they like. I’ve been rapping since 5 years old, and people label me as a good battle rapper, definitely for my age. I can also sing. I don’t know exactly while I love rapping, I guess I feel it’s what people who have been through as much as I have do. I’m not gonna get into detail, but I’ve been through more than a normal 12 year old. I right my own raps.

    1. Queenie

      I am 10. I’ve been rapping since I was 2. I write my own songs, when it comes to my songs I stop the fun and get serious. I also look up to Queen Latifa because usually its men who all ways become a big hit and success but she’s shown both integrity and impeccability of a RAPPER, A.K.A respectful achieving planning popular entertaining Rapper. I was inspired to become an artist because of Queen Latifa of my mom A.K.A Shardaira Royale A.K.A Shardaira Johnson-Moore And Sean Roc Tuda A.K.A Sean Johnson-Moore. It shows the skills, dedication, hard work and patience and SWAG of a BO$$ and I believe I Queenie have what it takes to be on rap game.

      1. Queenbabylon

        Hi Queenie how old are you? I’m an young rapper and was looking for a 2 other girls to be in a group with me, hit me back up at my email /gmail if your interested.

  89. eisha

    Well, I watching both seasons of the rap game so I took notes and I feel like I’m ready. I want this to be my come up. Jermaine if you don’t pick me its wither reap. why I should keep trying to get what I want and I won’t stop ill just get better on the way if you want. Hit me up on my gmail. I will send a video of me doing what I was born for, what I wanna spend my time doing!
    Lets get it!

    1. Lucky

      I keep it real when I rap, its just like an interview.

      1. Prodigy

        OH word hit me up then we need people like you in the world talking about real life things.Gotta represent the culture.

  90. daisha a.k.a lil d

    rapping is my passion but nobody believes me. I told my mom and dad but their looks didn’t deceive me, I’m trying to get myself out there and show the people that doubted me that I can be the person that they never thought that I would be.

  91. Mckinzie

    Man I am beyond great, go check out my YouTube channel kre8tive kinzie.

    1. Cortex

      My name is lil tez… can I join the rap game?

  92. Mckinzie

    I’m not known yet, I’m just a random person who has a passion for writing raps.

  93. Myangel

    If you pick me it won’t be a mistake. I love rapping because it helps me express myself. When I rap all my friends and people listen even teachers. It would be a dream if I was on a rap game.

    1. Lucky

      I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, just to be known for somebody, that’s crazy.

  94. Mercy

    Anyone auditioned as yet? When do you start shooting?

  95. MissLilLijia

    I deserve this, me in my family been through so much. I just want to get my music out there, me in miss mulatto rap just alike in I want this chance to show people my talent.

  96. Nattryal banks

    I can rap, that’s my passion for life so I would like to be in the rap game crew.

  97. milton

    I can sing, I can rap, I am not trying to be like pick me and pick that. I just want to make my life different so would you willing to let me on the rap game? sincerely Milton and I am 12.

    1. Jahlik cureton

      I can write music and rhyme very very well. I can entertain a crowd very well. I’m 12 years old and music is my passion.

  98. Aaron Gibson Aka "Zipz"

    I’ve Worked And Truly Will Become The Next Biggie.. I Write My Own Lyrics And No One Can Compete To Me..

  99. Dre

    Its me and my big brother, we are young rapers. We started when we he was 13 but never been in the studio and they tell me the only thing I need help with is listening to the bet so I guess I need help with that.

  100. Millean Mooredaahian

    When I first saw the rap game I automatically thought, I have what it takes. I write my own lyrics. I rap my own raps, dance and act. I feel like if I made it to the rap game Jermain would not be disappointed. I’m just hoping and praying.

  101. Demetra Ennis

    To whom it may concern,

    I think that this is an insult to the rap game. It blows my mind knowing that “Real” Talented Rappers that actually have lived the lives that they rap about get swept underneath the rug and never get the chance to be heard because the industry/society chooses to support and encourage people being fake. If parents can support their children financially in order to help launch their child’s music career than it sounds to me like they should focus on investing in the child’s college funds. Rapping isn’t just a source of entertainment. It is a negative corrupted lifestyle that should not be introduced to children what so ever.

    1. Ne'Vaeh J.

      Well “to whom it may concern” rapping doesn’t always involve negativity. It is based off of how you want to express yourself. Rapping is practically poetry with a beat and a hook. AND ANYTHING THAT BRINGS MONEY HOME AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE CANT BE THAT BAD. All you need is discipline.

  102. Okanu David

    I can rap, I am soooooo good at rapping.

      1. Jamari mapp

        I will get that chain, I am going to get that chain.

          1. Ghalyah

            I really want to be on the pop game but I can’t, so can you give us a call please.

          2. Damon mcvea

            Tap in on sound cloud, Damon Mcvea is the name, go hard or go home as we all say.

        1. Young ty

          In your dreams I’m going to get the chain.

          1. dee

            I’m with nova, stree, mani, da brat,and miss boss aka season 1 winners.

    1. myaun

      please give me a chance. I will prove to you I’m next.

      1. dee

        I’m rap right now, Queen D the one that’s coming hard, already know you can never take her apart cause she’s undefeated, you can never beat her even if you tried, Btw Queen D is me.

    2. Lucky

      We will just have to see. I’m gonna be with street Nova mulata and that other dude and get that chain.

      1. Demarrion Bowie

        Y’all n***as is weak, you sleep with y’all eyes closed, pull up, get hit with this drako, pull up get hit like a baseball (boom) y’all ni**as is weak and y’all cap tho that a lil’ sum I made. I think I got what it takes to get on the rap game contact. If I get a chance to be on the rap game?

    3. dee

      ALL y’all mad because I’m so so so so so so DEF!

    4. Aaden Larden

      Nobody can ever take me out no matter what.

    5. Kaliyah

      Hi my name is Kayla. I’ve been wanting to get on the rap game every since I was 8 years old and I’m extremely good at rapping. I would love to get on the show. I have been watching the rap game every day and forward.


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