NYC Area Auditions for Romantic Comedy “Doctor Canard”


“DOCTOR CANARD” Audition Dates 9/19 and 9/22

Our new project, “Doctor Canard”, is a cool quirky romantic comedy indie shooting in October in NYC.
Auditions are Monday 9/19 and Thursday 9/22 at The Barrow Group Theater, 312 west 36th street, 3rd floor, room 4B in midtown Manhattan.

The cast descriptions are below. ?Additional info is in the Doctor Canard facebook page, that ?link is at the bottom of this page.
This a paying job.

“Dr. Canard” is a contemporary screwball romantic comedy about an affable guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend for no good reason (other than being a jobless slacker poet who never writes a word). Desperate to win her back, he pretends to be her new shrink, disguising himself as a mysterious Frenchman whose bizarre therapeutic methods ignite her hope of a better love life.


Bryan (Lead): Male, 25-40
Affable, goofy, and idealistic, has a heart but is clueless how to communicate with women. Believes he’s the next great “modern Beat” poet but no longer writes. Must be able to speak with a broad but reasonably convincing French accent.

Ethnicity: All
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Pam (Lead): Female, 25-40
Intelligent, vulnerable, confused, loves her boyfriend but is fed up with him and very focused on finally becoming an upwardly mobile professional. Somewhat high-strung, prone to tears. Not above attaching herself to a powerful older man.

Ethnicity: All
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Shakti (Supporting): Female, 18-25
Saucy, spunky, proud and spitfire, very young but wise beyond her years: a Punk Obi-Wan Kenobi. Says exactly what’s on her mind and sees through people instantly and with razor insight. At the same time, she can be down with partying and casual sex.

Ethnicity: Person of Color or Mixed
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Jeremy (Supporting): Male, 25-40
The Goofy Sidekick, the hero’s best pal, silly and often idiotic stoner. He’s not stupid but he just doesn’t care. Will do anything to avoid working or being intimate with his many short-term hook-ups. Good for a laugh and does care about his pal.

Ethnicity: All
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Mr. Chase (Supporting): Male, 35-60
Rich, powerful head of a major publishing firm. Knows how to wield status and influence people, used to getting what he wants. No-nonsense, likes women he can manipulate.

Ethnicity: All
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Janey (Day Player): Female, 40-65
An established psychotherapist who’s a bit… unusual. Still curvy and beautiful, provocatively dressed and with a wandering eye. Will use her clients and receptionist for personal pleasure… but really just wants, for once, a personal human connection.

Ethnicity: All
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Additional info on our facebook page:


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