Reality Show Casting Frenemies, Co-Workers, Kids & Parents, Neighbors at Odds


Have a relationship to fix? New Reality Show Casting in Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Reality TV

 Parents and Kids clashing?

Are your parents driving you crazy? Or are your kids getting on your nerves? If you’re in need of expert advice fixing a family relationship or problem tell us your story.

Co-Workers at odds?

Are you having trouble in the work place with a co-worker or your boss? Is there tension in the office? If you need help from our expert tell us your story.

 Neighbors at Odds?

Have you and your neighbor struggled to live next to each other?  Please tell us about your situation and let our expert help you.

New Reality TV Show Casting EX-BFFs or Frenemies

After years of friendship have you and your BFF finally hit a breaking point?  Is someone your close to turning into a Frienemy?  Tell us your story and let our expert help fix your relationship.

Those interested…

Please submit 1-3 photos, your name, age, contact info, gender, and location

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
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