Reporters and Music Lovers for Podcast in Atlanta

By | January 19, 2016

4-5 media professionals, music lovers and passionate reporters for podcast!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Talk Show

My name is Ceejay. I am new to Atlanta, Georgia and I am looking to put together a 4-5 person crew for my podcast called “AdultVersations.”

My background in film and media streams from three years of study at Arizona State University as a film making practices major with a focus in writing and creative directing. I have written, directed and produced several short film, commercial(s) and student film productions since starting YoungUrban Productions in 2012.

Currently, I am looking to change direction for 2016 and start an open and honest conversation between Urban Adults weekly on Fridays for people around the world to connect with.

“AdultVersations” will take it THERE! Our conversations will go deep into American politics, police brutality, the evolution of Hip Hop Music, fashion trends, love and relationship quest and the mayhem that is our World today!

My vision is to have 4-5 media professionals, that have a passion for telling their story, showing their personality and evoking a spark of people across the world to view us weekly by choice, to help them get through all the stress of the week and get ready to move towards a progressive weekend quest. We are the starters and the finishers, our team will Shoot live Fridays for a 1hr 10 min podcast from Atlanta, Georgia and my goal is to reach many viewers, and connect with those wanting to share epic stories of their lives or past crazy week in detail during our Q&A session and viewer appreciation segment.


Now, I just need people that are interested in the above concept and theme to reach out to me directly, for a phone interview. Next step is a group meeting and expectations for the show moving forward. This will be the first start for many of US, and I want those who passionately want to be heard, but have not had the opportunity to do so.

Again, my name is Ceejay and I am looking for talent, raw and devoted media enthusiasts!
Please send me an email to if you are wanting to find out more about my show “AdultVersations”.

Thank you, and lets all Connect Freely in 2016!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to:

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