Talk Show Casting Outspoken Millennials in Dallas Texas

Millennials living in Dallas not afraid to speak their minds.

We are looking for six millennials of all races genders, sexual preference, political, religious or non religious background with extreme opinions. Participants must be willing to voice their views and debate with others on a closed production set in Dallas TX. This is a one time appearance gig. New talent is brought in for each tapping.

This is a revolutionary, talk show where participants discuss taboo topics. Violence will not be tolerated nor berating others however you need NOT be politically correct and the more outspoken & charismatic the better! If you feel that you are a good fit please email castingforrowntable@gmail the following details:

(1) A recent headshot and full body pic
(2) Name
(3) Age
(4) Race
(5) Religious affiliation
(6) Political affiliation
(7) Sexual orientation
(8) Phone number
(9) Best time to contact you by phone for the initial phone interview.

Location of auditions and production is Dallas Texas.

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