Theater – Hanover Park, IL Production of “New York, New York: Life & Times of A Broadway Star”


New York, New York: Life & Times of A Broadway Star

Location: Hanover Park, IL

Type: Theater

Broadway 360 Theatre Company announces auditions for a new stage play project entitled “New York, New York: The Life & Times of A Broadway Star” that will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2016 and the following Saturday, October 22, 2016. AUDITIONS & ALL REHEARSALS WILL BE HELD IN HANOVER PARK, IL

Please note, this show is going to be written and rehearsed during rehearsals and all talent is being saught for auditions, hurry though, space is very limited and the audition appointments are fastly disapearing.

Rehearsals are held Saturdays only beginning on 11/05/2016, all rehearsals are from 10AM-5PM between then and the last weekend of February 2017 with performances in March 2017 for two weeks in length. Performances are in Chicago, IL at both Gorilla Tango Theatre and iO Theater.


ISABELLA MONTGOMERY – The leading actress’s understudy, sweet and beautiful, fresh out of high school from Iowa, moved to New York City to find stardom, not an understudy type.

JEREMY ANDERSON – The leading actor, handsome and charming with flair, been on Broadway for a while now, love interest of Isabella, fights to get her on stage for the night.

AARON VALENTINE – The in-house playwright and director’s assistant, has big plans for the next production and wants his sister to star in it, yet again. Plans to be given a promotion.

AMBER VALENTINE – The leading actress, evil and cruel drama queen who always has to be the star at everything she does, not at all a fan of her talented understudy, pink queen.

MISS LORETTA VANBUREN – The casting director and stage director who’s on edge due to opening night jitters, motherly yet strict to all her cast members and crew, has a secret.

MS. ANNETTE VALENTINE – The dramatic stage mom of Amber and Aaron, just like her daughter Amber in many ways, not in a lot of scenes but does have stage time with her daughter.

LORENZO LEWIS – The stage manager at the theatre, not a fan of the Valentine family at all, was put in charge by Loretta to keep an eye out for Amber and her evil plans.

VIVIAN FAIRBANKS – The diva supporting actress, with a very impressive resume, surprisingly this too-good-to-be true diva of the stage never gets leading roles, the underdog.

TYLER JOHNSON – The supporting actor, handsome but somewhat shy, love interest of Vivian, tends to shy away when it comes to all the drama at the theatre, blames Amber.

YOUNG GIRL ONE/MILLIE – A fan of Amber, in Act Two, Scene Four

YOUNG GIRL TWO/SARA – A fan of Amber, in Act Two, Scene Four

YOUNG BOY ONE/ANDREW – A fan of Amber, in Act Two, Scene Four

YOUNG BOY TWO/ZACHARY – A fan of Amber, in Act Two, Scene Four

AMELIA, SAVANNAH & ROSE – The “Ambernettes”, best friend fan club of Amber that is ran by Savannah, who befriends Amber to try to steal her role. Amelia, who is second in command. And Rose, who just wants to be on Broadway, youngest of the three.

Broadway 360 Theater

Here is the link to be taken to the appointment page:

Payment: Paid
stipened of $200

City or Location of call: Hanover Park, IL
Please submit to: by 2016-10-22

This casting notice was posted by: Broadway 360 Theatre Company

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