UK – Europe, Casting Lead Roles for For Feature Film “The Victorians” Filming in Amsterdam


European (Netherlands) / UK actors. Auditions for Lead and Supporting roles.

We are producing a feature film in Amsterdam. We begin shooting in October, 2-3 weeks. Actors need to be available for the full month of October.

Our film is a combination of ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and ‘Trainspotting’. We believe it will be an ideal jumping off point for young acting talent.


Joey, a cocky American Eminem wannabe, finds tragedy when he travels to Amsterdam and is robbed by Rey and Abba, two thieving brothers. When a belligerent arrogant Joey gets thrown out of the hotel by Virgil, the deviant reclusive hotel owner, he is befriended by Danny, a charismatic sadist, who hunts unsuspecting tourists masquerading as a tour guide. Using his naivety against him, Danny takes advantage of Joey, leaving him violated and destitute…


Available Roles:

  • Abba (22-30): roguish good looks. Addict eyes hiding behind designer sunglasses, Gaelic tattoos on his fingers. Whatever money he doesn’t blow on drugs is spent on his slinky designer clothes; a rock star without a band.
  • Alfi (30-40): street urchin junkie, always on the look out for his next fix. Blackened teeth and dirty fingernails; unkept, greasy hair; torn, worn clothes and tattered shoes- someone who hasn’t bathed for weeks.
  • Danny (25-35): a sensual, depraved look in his eyes points to a sadistic, yet brilliant mind. Suave, charismatic and sophisticated. Walks with the confidence of a successful politician or figure of state as though his views are the law.
  • Faith (22-30): sexy femme fatale, tomboyish good looks. Sultry, desirable, provocative; a dark intelligent mind; she knows how to flaunt her appearance in order to get what she wants. She wears black, because there is no other color.
  • Joey (18-23): a cocky young kid filled with youthful bravado; his flat rimmed pristine velvet red hipster hat, an usual contrast to the faded army vest he wears with pride. Strapped on his back, a designer leather rucksack.
  • Rey (22-30): a chameleon able to change appearance and accents at will. Good looking, clean cut; mostly wears suits with loose tie, likes expensive accessories. Confident, self-entitled; a nervous twitch in his hand reveals something is eating away at his unconscious.
  • Virgil (40-50): a stranded sailor on a desert island who never found his way back, either by choice or design. One of his eyes is white, discolored; a dead eye.


As the film is an ensemble with seven main characters, the pay for each role is modest but you will get a chance to really present your skills and no doubt also get invaluable shooting experience.

Your previous acting roles are important but not nearly as important as motivation. Show us what you’ve got! Video submissions, show reels, headshots, even a quick recording portraying one of the characters; it’s all good, send it on.

We ask actors to sign the standard contract, which means ‘they are committed in good faith,’ knowing the hours are going to be long and we haven’t hired a catering company.

In addition to their pay, we are offering actors traveling expenses and accommodation. All the actors will be staying in one rented apartment in the Jordaan, the center of Amsterdam. Accommodation will be tight but comfortable.

For any further inquiries, to read the synopsis or full character descriptions visit our website:

One thought on “UK – Europe, Casting Lead Roles for For Feature Film “The Victorians” Filming in Amsterdam

  1. Piyush S


    I am interested in the project. I am male, 34 and do theater. Recently, a short-film of mine was made and will be out. The roles I think might fit me are Abba, Alfi and Danny.


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