Acting Auditions in Alabama for “Kandee’s Kloset”

Kandee’s Kloset

Location: Montevallo, AL

Type: Other Projects

Have you ever met a family that seems so very perfect and seems to have it all together. They’re financially stable, perfect careers, flawless reputations, they are happy, they’re beautiful, the children are absolutely marvelous and you just can’t seem to find anything wrong with them. In fact you envy them because of their flawless and worry-less lifestyle. If you haven’t chances are probably never will because there is no family on God’s green earth that is perfect. There are some that act perfect but we all know that’s not their truth.

I have written a production entitled, Kandee’s Kloset and it’s based on a family that looks perfect to the public eye but is far from perfect. They try their best to keep their skeletons in the closet but eventually, they’ll all fall out. My production’s intended message is to show people how important it is to walk their truth. Own your flaws and imperfections because that’s what makes you who you are. It’s okay to not have it all put together and fail some times. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them and no one should be judged based on their human nature. My production also depicts a situation where sin and seduction can and will take you farther than you intend and one night of pleasure can be a lifetime of pain.

In my production entitled, “Kandee’s Kloset” you will see the realities between wives and husbands that are overlooked. You will see how important it is for a relationship between a father and his children and you will also see how neglect can spiral into other cries for attention. In my production, you will see the importance of Fathers being the men they are suppose to be because when the man of the house falls everyone else will to.

I am accepting online submissions from NOW UNTIL JULY 22, 2017.

I am looking to cast people between the ages of 19-35.

I currently need :
Johnny Porter- 38 years old.
Alisha Porter- 36 years old.
Seriyah “Kandee” Porter-18 years old twin 1.
Sereniti Porter-18 years old twin 2. (fraternal twins)
Kenyan Carter- 21 years old
Dr.Maria Lewis-34 years old.
Grandma Ina Miller- 54 years old,. (Character should be able to be grandmotherly)


I am in need of CREW. If you would like to be a helping hand, and help in building this company send me an email and in the SUBJECT LINE ADD “CREW” AS THE SUBJECT. FOR CAST, ADD “CAST-(CHARACTER FOR WHICH YOUR AUDITIONING)” AS THE SUBJECT.

(I also need understudies for each of these characters.)
As you submit your inquiries, I’ll send an confirmation email letting you know I have received your submission.
Note that this production will take place in Montevallo, Al and only submit if your near or willing to travel.

Kandee’s Kloset is set to debut November 2017.

As you email me I need the following information sent to ( :
Valid Phone
Valid Email

Submissions are open until JULY 22, 2017 11:59PM

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Montevallo, AL
Please submit to: by 2017-07-22

This casting notice was posted by: B.Marei Productions

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