Auditions in Brentwood (Nashville) Tennessee for Student Movie Roles



Location: Brentwood, tn

Type: Student Films

Male, Late 20s to early 30s – Drake is a loving husband and father who is being influenced by a demonic force to commit violence. Throughout the film he is fighting this influence.

Female, Late 20s to early 30s – Marlene is a wife who has been emotionally distant from Drake since the death of their daughter. When the demonic force takes over the house, she and her friend Ellison fight to escape and to save Drake.
Male, Late 30s to Late 40s – Ellison is a friend of Marlene and Drake. He knew about the demonic forces long before they did. It is revealed he actually has the house bugged to monitor demonic activity.

Male, Late 40s to 50s – Merrick is the demon who is responsible for the events of the film. His goal is to force Drake to commit violence. But he will be physically violent when the situation calls for it.

Female, 8 to 12 year old – Megan is the deceased daughter of Drake and Megan. Merrick will often shape shift into her form to screw with Drake and to mentally break him.

March 1
10am till 10pm
7008 Tartan Drive Brentwood, TN, 37027

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Brentwood, tn
Please submit to: by 2017-02-28

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