Auditions in Cincinnati Ohio, Actors for Film Project “Transformation”

Transformation – An Indie Film

Location: cincinnati

Type: Film

My Cincinnati based production company is looking for:
Male – age 23 to 33.
No previous acting experience needed, but preferred.
Below is the Synopsis of the film:

Transformation – An Indie Film
Synopsis: Chris; A regular working class man that is thrust into irregular circumstances. After losing the job that isolating him from his friends and family, Chris slowly forfeits everything he has ever worked for. His car, his girlfriend, his house and all of his things are taken away from him as he slips quickly into poverty. Without anyone to turn to, Chris is transformed from a successful business man to a begging homeless man. This story is about his struggles and how his perspective of life changes once he has lost everything: money, pride and a will to live. A powerful message that shows us that no matter what life sends our way, we have a duty to ourselves to never stop fighting.

Please send us a short video recording of yourself acting the following:
Chirs – Monologue: (Alone, NOT in a whiny voice)
Hmmmm.. (rocking back and forward)
Hmmmm.. (rocking back and forward)
Ahhhhhh.. (rocking back and forward)
God why? Why me?
(Shakes head, looking up to the sky)
I just wanted to be happy! (loud)
(long pause, shaking head)
I just wanted to be happy..(soft)
Help (soft like a whisper)…Help…Help! Help meeee! Help meeee! Help meeeee!
-Scene goes black-

^Video does not need to be high quality. (It may be better to shoot outside)

Additionally, please send us a link to any previous videos you have acted in (if applicable).


Thank you! We will respond to all emails within 7 days.
Wicked Flame Films

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: cincinnati
Please submit to: by 2017-03-31

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  1. Trey Beal

    Hello I am really interested in the part if you haven’t filled it yet. Feel free to email me any time.

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