Auditions for Speaking Roles in Student Film in Greensboro



Location: Greensboro Triad Area

Type: Film

We are students at High Point University making a film as a semester long thesis project. The film is a Police drama about a detective who comes out of retirement to hunt down a serial killer who has resurfaced years after nearly killing the detective. We are casting for the following roles. Please send any role you are interested in as well as a headshot. Thank You!

Frank Miller- early thirties to mid forties. Retired decorated detective who turns to alcohol to solve his problems after nearly dying hunting down a serial Killer.

Clarence Roy-Early thirties to mid forties. A detective. Franks old partner who is assigned the case of tracking down the killer after he resurfaces.

Mouse- Late twenties to mid thirties Police informant who aided Frank in tracking down the killer before. He seems to know a little too much when it comes to the details of the case.

Sarah- Ex-girlfriend of the serial killer. She is drawn into the case in order to help put a face to the killer.

Walsh- Police commissioner, who will not accept failure when it comes to bringing the killer to justice.

Payment: Other
This is a student film and we don’t have the funds to pay you but you are more than welcome to use any footage for your reel, and we will be buying pizza at the end of the shoot

City or Location of call: Greensboro Triad Area
Please submit to:

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One thought on “Auditions for Speaking Roles in Student Film in Greensboro

  1. Desiree Branch

    I am interested in the role, please contact me more about it


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