Auditions in Charlotte for Speaking Roles in “Captured” Web Series



Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Web series

Auditions for “Captured” the Web Series.
Captured is a story of growth using your environment to help you elevate out of your environment. It’s a story about three guys with three different perspectives on the way life should be lived. During this quest they cross paths with people that may help or hinder that growth and they end up with more information than they want.

Reoccurring Roles

– Elaine Joiner: 20s-30s Caucasian female – Very Tech savvy. Does the money laundering for a drug dealer named fingers. She’s respectful but can make someone feel dumb without even trying.

– Stacie: 20s Any ethnicity female – Fun to be around. Very street smart but doesn’t show it unless she has to. Shes a sweet girl, a chameleon just like Kevin. Holds Kevin down any way she can. Has the biggest character development out of all her homegirls.

– Delores: 20s Any ethnicity female – Stacie’s funny friend. Loyal and realistic.

– Ta’mesha: 20s Any Ethnicity female – she is a Leader. About whatever. Hard body But knows when to be soft. Short fuse for what she feels is ignorance. Uses her assets to get what she wants.
– Marshall: 30s- 40s Caucasian male – Smart Mouth Detective. Well seasoned detective.

– Law: 20s-30s female – Good at bending the rule to get the job done. Rookie detective. Great at her job. Knows the hood because her sister is in the streets. Not scared of anything or anybody.

– IKG: pronounced IKE G; 20s-30s Hispanic/Latino/ African American Male – Always looking for a dollar to be made. Uses his brain first, always. Middle man for anything you need. He always Knows a guy who has what you need (or something like it). Smooth talking hustler.

If you are looking to audition, email your name and a picture of yourself to Include what Role you would like to audition for as well as your availability.


When: Saturday, December 9th
Time: 3pm
Address: 2424 N. Davidson st. Charlotte, NC

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to: by 2017-12-09

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