Auditions in Chattanooga TN for Lead Roles in “The Ominous Project” Found Footage Indie Horror Film

By | June 23, 2017

“The Ominous Project” Indie Found Footage Horror Movie

Location: Northern Georgia – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Type: Film

“The Ominous Project” Found Footage Indie Horror Film

EXTENDED CASTING CALL: Due to a high volume of submissions for this film, we are extending the casting opportunity until June 28th, 2017. Roles that are still up for casting are as follows:

We are currently casting for 2 leads, 3 supporting, and 2 featured roles


Summer Lakewood/Anthony Silverman: (MALE OR FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY)
Videographer for Channel 9 News. This character is laid back, chill and a bit of a jokester. Summer is the one controlling the camera majority of the film. She is seen on and off throughout the film. This character is an undercover leader and does what it takes to achieve anything that is thrown at her.

Amanda Grant/Tony Colsen: (MALE OR FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY)
This character is a headstrong , serious and aggressive Photo Journalist for Channel 9 News. She is known for her dominate and bossy demeanor but also for their amazing work as a photographer. This role is a bit of a hot head and will speak her mind at any cost. Being the one who is secretly the scared and nervous one, this role displays an over the top scared like attitude when put into survival mode.

Taylor Fitch: (MALE OR FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY) Taylor is the news director for Channel 9 News. He is a business man who is turn, intimidating, and all about making his team the best. This character should come off as very serious but also very concerning. This role will be played by a male or female in the age brackets of late 20’s to mid 40’s

Kelly Morton: (FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY) Kelly is the girlfriend of news reporter and main actor Daytona Westgate. Kelly is very beautiful with a charming smile and loving personality. Kelly will be played by a female in the age brackets of mid 20’s to early 30’s.

Johnny Olbert: (MALE) (ANY ETHNICITY) Johnny is a goofy and comedic character. He is the one who everyone loves but gets annoyed with at the same time. Johnny will be played by a male within the age brackets of mid 20’s – mid 30’s.

Featured Roles:

Angela Baker: (FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY) 14-18 Year Old teen gone missing

Max: Nell: (MALE OR FEMALE) (ANY ETHNICITY)14- 18 Year Old teen gone missing.


The Ominous Project centers around a news reporter, a photo journalist and a videographer of a local news station as they go undercover to investigate the case of Logan Scott, a deadly murder who escaped an insane asylum just days before their investigation. The team goes against their companies band on the case, as it is considered too dangerous, to investigate two teens gone missing in their area that could be linked to the escaped psychopath. As the truth is slowly uncovered, they soon realize, some stories are better left untouched.

Oblivion Pictures in association with Foreman Empire Productions are currently holding a casting call for a lead/supporting speaking role for the upcoming found footage indie horror film “The Omnious Project”. The production will be filmed this summer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As there is no pay for this feature film, there is a great opportunity for exposure in film festivals, screenings and IMDB credit.

If interested please send a head shot, body shot, updated acting resume (if you have one),name, phone number, and location to OBLIVIONPICTURES.AUDITIONS@GMAIL.COM ASAP as submissions are already in review. If selected you will be asked to construct an “Audition Package” that must be submitted before the end of the week (June 28 2017)

We are seeking to film the roles of two Characters as well as two supporting roles as well. Official filming dates have not be set and will be on a TBD notice. Travel and Accommodations are not provided but we will help as much as we can. We are a rising indie film company in association with a rising production company. We are making this in hopes to help boost many risk g actors careers as well as our own. We only seek hard working actors and responsible / reliable actors for this serious project. This project will be shot in CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE.

Payment: Other
Copy/Credit, Film Festival Exposure, Online Exposure

City or Location of call: Northern Georgia – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Please submit to: by 2017-06-28

This casting notice was posted by: Oblivion Pictures in Association with Foreman Empire Productions

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