Community Theater Auditions, Musical in New Rochelle (Mamaroneck, NY) Area

By | June 23, 2017

Open auditions for Weird Romance

Location: Mamaroneck, NY

Type: Theater

Producer Jason Summers announces auditions for a local production of the Alan Menken musical Weird Romance, to be performed in Scarsdale, NY at the Bendheim Performing Arts Center, August 11-13.

Weird Romance, by Alan Menken, the composer of Little Shop of Horrors, Newsies, and the Disney films Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, is made up of two one-act musicals of speculative fiction. The first, The Girl Who Was Plugged In, is about a homeless woman whose consciousness is transplanted into the body of a gorgeous, genetically engineered starlet by a company which manufactures celebrities. The second, Her Pilgrim Soul, is about a scientist who researches holographic imaging. One day a mysterious “living” holograph, apparently a woman long dead, appears and changes his life forever.

Seeking the following:

Act I- The Girl Who Was Plugged In

Shannara- Female, age range flexible. A Pop diva who functions as a sort of narrator. Strong belter . Sings “Weird Romance.” Vocal Range: G3 – C5, flexible based on the casting of Zanth.
Zanth- Male or Female, age range flexible. A Pop star who functions as a sort of narrator. Strong singer. Sings “Weird Romance.” Vocal Range: D3 – G4, flexible based on gender.
Isham- Male. 40’s. The head of GTX, a powerful and shadowy corporation. Ambitious and ruthless, yet charming. Baritone/Tenor. Sings “That’s Where We Come In”, “Amazing Penetration”, and “Endgame.” Vocal Range: B3 – G4.
Paul- Male, 20’s. Isham’s son and heir to the GTX corporation. Charming, open, and sensitive, he is a source of constant disappointment to his father. Tenor. Sings “Eyes That Never Lie”. Vocal Range: D3 – A4.
P. Burke- Female, 20-30’s. A vulnerable, damaged homeless woman, who nonetheless holds on to an innate optimism. A bravura role requiring a fantastic singer and actress, originated by Ellen Greene. Mezzo/Belter . Sings “Stop and See Me”, “Worth It”, and “Endgame. “ Vocal Range: F3 – D5
Joe- Male, 20’s-40’s. A technical wiz with a romantic streak, he falls in love with P. Burke. Tenor or High Baritone. Sings “Feeling No Pain” and “No One Can Do”. Vocal Range: B3 – optional C5, minimum G4.
Delphi- Female, 20’s. A gorgeous and beloved celebrity, she is America’s newest sweetheart. But she may not be what she appears to be. Soprano with belt/mix. Sings “Feeling No Pain”, “Pop! Flash!”, “Worth It”, and “Endgame”. Vocal Range: F3 – D5.
Movement Coach/Dialect Coach/Make-up Artist- Male or Female, 20’s-40’s. The experts who are behind Delphi’s perfectly packaged persona. Strong Vocalists. Sing “Pop Flash.”
Ensemble: Male and Female, teens and older. Fans, Technicians, Paramedics, reporters, Isham’s Assistants. Interesting character types who can sing and move.

Act II- Her Pilgrim Soul

Johnny Beaumont- Male, 20’s-40’s. A Handsome crooner. Tenor or High Baritone, sings “I Can Show You a Thing or Two”. Vocal Range: C3 – F#4.
Daniel Gaddis- Male, 20’s-30’s. Dr. Kevin Drayton’s scientific assistant. A lovable, geeky, exuberant guy with a big heart. Baritone. Sings “Opening Sequence”, “Need to Know”. Vocal Range: G3 – F4.
Dr. Kevin Drayton. Male, 30’s-40’s. A brilliant yet emotionally disconnected scientist. His breakthrough in holographic technology will revolutionize science and lead to his own personal awakening. Baritone. Sings “My Orderly World”, “You Remember”, “Another Woman”, “Someone Else is Waiting”. Vocal Range: F3 – F4.
Carol Drayton. Female. 30’s. Kevin’s long suffering wife. A smart, capable advertising exec, she is at the end of her rope due to her husband’s emotional distance and obsession with his work. Mezzo/ Soprano, strong mix. Sings “Opening Sequence”, “Another Woman”, and “A Man”. Vocal Range: Bb3 – Eb5
Rebecca- Female, 30’s-40’s. Carol’s good friend. Supportive and intuitive. Mezzo or Soprano, with a strong belt or mix. Sings “A Man”. Vocal Range: Ab3 – Eb5.
Nola- 20’s-30. Mysteriously appearing in Kevin’s holographic chamber, Nola ages from age six to about 30 over the course of a few days. Vulnerable and sensitive yet endowed with strength and a deeply inquisitive nature, she is determined to understand herself and the world around her. Contralto/mezzo. Sings “You Remember”, “Pressing Onward, Moving Forward”, and “Someone Else is Waiting”. Vocal Range: D3 – D5.
Susan Granville Wallach- Female, 20’s-30’s. Nola’s niece. Soprano /Mezzo . Sings in “Pressing Onward, Moving Forward”. Vocal Range: C4-Bb4.
Chuck Wallach- Male, 20’s-30’s. Susan’s husband. Tenor or high Baritone. Sings in “Pressing Onward, Moving Forward”. Vocal Range: F3-G4.
George Lester- Male, 20’s-40’s, African American. George provides information which helps to solve the mystery surrounding Nola. Baritone or Tenor. Sings in “Pressing Onward, Moving Forward”. Vocal Range: F3-F4.
Ruskin- Male, 80’s. An elderly blind man who helps to solve the mystery surrounding Nola. Bass/Baritone character singer. Sings “Pressing Onward, Moving Forward: Reprise.” Vocal Range: D3 – C4.

Performers auditioning should prepare a contemporary musical theatre selection and a contemporary monologue. Please provide accompaniment, either a track or sheet music.

Director: Brian Sgambati
Producer/Choreographer: Jason Summers

For more information, please feel free to contact Jason Summers at

Wednesday June 28
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Danse Elite
715 Mamaroneck Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Mamaroneck, NY
Please submit to:

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