Auditions in Louisville, KY for Indie Film “Special Delivery”

By | June 12, 2017

Special Delivery

Location: Louisville, KY

Type: Film

“Special Delivery” is a short comedy about a really good neighbor and a really bad neighbor. Howard is the bad neighbor who terrorizes the neighborhood. He finally pushes the good neighbor, David, over the edge. David decides it’s time to do something. He enlists the help of his family and friends to prepare a special package (filled with stuff they’d be flushing down the toilet anyway) to send to Howard to show him how they really feel about him.

Please take a look at the below information. If you like what you see, please email us a headshot, resume, and an indication of which role(s) you would like to read for on Thursday, June 22, 2017 (David, Lisa, Howard, or Kevin). (We will also be casting extras and supporting roles, under subheading “Extras,” below, at a later date TBD.)

SPECIAL DELIVERY, a Non-Union Independent film.


[DAVID] [MALE] [AGE: 40-65]
Your average, middle-aged suburbanite. He takes great pride in his home, lawn, and garden. He just wants a nice quiet place where he and his wife can relax now that they’re empty nesters. When his neighbors, Howard and Kevin, disrupt David’s plans for peace and tranquility, he knows he must do something. He begins to plot his revenge.

[LISA] [FEMALE] [AGE: 40-65]
David’s longsuffering wife. When not serving at the local hospital as a nurse, she serves as a sounding board for her husband’s crazy plans. While at first it seems that she does not approve, the plan grows on her and she decides to assist her husband, because she just loves him that much. She’s a great wife.

[HOWARD] [MALE] [AGE: late 30s-50s]
The worst neighbor ever. He and his son, Kevin, run a “business” out of their house, host crazy parties, play loud music, work on their cars late at night, steal, engage in voyeurism, and use David’s yard as their own personal trashcan, among other things. When Howard believes David is the reason behind the downfall of their business, he does something that turns out to be David’s breaking point. Howard has no idea what he is in for now.

[KEVIN] [MALE] [AGE: late teens-mid-20s]
Howard’s son and partner in crime. Kevin’s business brings in substantial revenue for the two of them. He basically does all of the same things that his father does; we easily see where he gets it. He, along with his dad, are excited when the subject package arrives, especially when he thinks it may actually belong to someone else instead. Kevin also has no idea what he is in for now.

To be cast at a later date:
Nonspeaking; friends of Kevin and Howard who just know how to have a good time.

One speaking; the rest nonspeaking. Patrons of Kevin’s business who line up their cars on the street and walk up to Kevin’s stand to make their transactions.

Nonspeaking; a couple that is considering renting out David and Lisa’s basement but are stopped by Howard and Kevin (quickly changing their minds as a result).

Speaking. The brave individuals who answer David’s all-important question as he seeks their assistance in his plot. (Note: No actual supplying of props necessary.)
*For the participants, shooting location will possibly be in Newport, KY.


Audition Date and Time: Thurs, June 22, 2017, 10 am-12 pm
Audition Location: 1320 East Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Louisville, KY
Please submit to:

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