Auditions in San Francisco Bay Area / Berkeley for Student Film Project


Flash – Berkeley Short Film

Location: San Francisco, California

Type: Student Films

“Flash”, Non-Union student film project


A mysterious car crash. A baby is born. Danny grows up full of potential only to find himself, now a young adult, stuck dealing dope to teenagers. He wants out, but the true question lies in who he can trust and when is the right time to realize his freedom from a life of crime.

Please prepare a short monologue and bring a headshot with resume.
The audition will mostly consist of a short scene from the script.

[Danny] [Male] (Speaking/Leading Role)
Age: 20-25 (Play 24)
Danny, average to above average height and dark-ish hair, is a troubled young man coming from a life of potential but stuck in a world of darkness. He struggles to escape his brother’s shadow and to live up to his father’s expectations.

[Dolly] [Female] (Speaking/Supporting Role)
Age: 19-23
Witty, clever, deceptive. A recovering drug addict. Dolly is Danny’s eventual love interest and seems to be the one person that he can confide in. He lets out all his secrets to her–but can she be trusted?

[Danny’s Dad] [Male] (Speaking/Supporting Role)
Age: 40-55
A former baseball player, now a baseball coach. Danny’s father is present throughout Danny’s past and plays an important role in shaping who Danny was, is, and seeks to become.

[Vince] [Male] (Speaking/Supporting Role)
Age: 40-55
Vince is weathered but tough, clearly the leader of the operation. He is a sort of father figure to Danny and counteracts his real father as the driving force of the dark world Danny is pulled into.

[Young Danny] [Male]
Age 9-14 (Non-Speaking/Supporting Role)
#HOURS ON SET: 1-2 hours
Young Danny is stuck on the bench in a baseball dugout while his Dad scolds him on how to play the game right. They watch their little league game unfold as Danny’s brother Bobby, off in the distance, once again excels as the team’s star player.
(if you/parents/guardian own Baseball Uniform, it’s a plus)

[Young Bobby] [Male]
Age 9-14 (Non-Speaking/Background Role)
#HOURS ON SET: .5-1.5 hours
Danny’s Brother. Only appears in the background for a short while in an early scene but is a driving force in Danny’s mind throughout the story.
(if you/parents/guardian own Baseball Uniform, it’s a plus)

[Teenage Danny] [Male]
Age 16-19 (needs to look young)
#HOURS ON SET: 1-2 hours
Another piece from Danny’s past is his slightly younger self who begins a life heading down the wrong path.

[Wilt] [Male] (Non-Speaking/Supporting role)
Age: 20-40
Vince’s henchman is as huge as he is menacing. His silent interactions with Danny truly set the tone of a mobster reality. He is present as a sort of bodyguard to Vince but has also been through it all right there with him.

UC Berkeley Campus
11/28/2017 5-6 PM
11/29/2017 3-5 PM
(Apply for more details)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, California
Please submit to: by 2017-11-29

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