Auditions in Vancouver for Student Film Project



Location: Vancouver, BC.

Type: Film

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : Friday, August 4, 2017


Submission email address:

Please send your headshot, resume and any other relevant information within the email.

Please also mention if you are a Union or Non-Union performer.


Lao Zhang

AGE : (35-40)


A mid-aged Chinese man who has been practicing martial arts (Tai Chi) for a long time in his early years in China is now a chef in a Chinese restaurant in China Town . He doesn’t want to use his Tai Chi as Performing Kung Fu skills to earn money. Instead, he wants to live a peaceful life. He believes that it is more dangerous to know Kung Fu and being involved into any issues. As a result, he is overprotective about his Daughter (Lily). She is now allowed to do any activity which could be dangerous for her in any way. Lao Zhang has some typical Chinese features: humble, quiet and traditional. Prefer union actor for this character.


AGE : (8-12)

GENDER : Female

Lily is a normal Chinese kid who loves the art of putting nail polish. She does not feel comfortable sharing everything with her farther due to her father’s overprotective personality. She is always stopped and restricted from trying new things like skateboarding although she is really interested in all those things like every kid in that age does, due to which she does not make new friends who have the same hobbies and instead, she is bullied by her classmates in school because she isn’t allowed to do anything that kids in that age usually do. She gets more along with Jack Wu who is a role model for her because he introduces her to new things which are actually safe but not in the eyes of Lily’s father.

Jack Wu

AGE : 25-30


Jack is a young Chinese who works as a stunt man in Vancouver’s film industry. He was trained for Chinese Kung Fu when he was very young. He is the typical kind of western Chinese. He enjoys taking risks and experiencing new stuff in his life. At the same time, he cares about his family. He wants to help his fellow brother, Lao Zhang. He dreams about being a well-known action star.

Restaurant Manager

AGE : (25-40)


The manager of the restaurant is a local who runs a Chinese restaurant. He loves Chinese culture, especially Tai Chi culture. When he first sees Lao Zhang practicing Tai Chi he was really attracted towards him. He wants to make his restaurant more popular and attractive in the area, so he puts a lot of Chinese elements in his restaurant which is why is has knowledge about Chinese culture.

Waiter Tommy

AGE : (18-30)


He is an Asian who is obviously a newbie in the restaurant. He is interested in Chinese martial arts. He regards all the martial arts as what he sees in Bruce Lee’s movie. He wants to know how to do the dramatic movement. When he has a chance to practice Tai Chi together with Lao Zhang, he realizes that what he saw in movies was way different from what he was practicing.


Barbara’s dad (30-40)

He is a tough boxer who has a 10 year-old daughter, Barbara. He believes that parents should let the kids grow up in their own way and explore the world by themselves. However, with a correct mindset he executes his approach in the wrong. He teaches his daughter to get whatever she wants by all the means which allows his daughter to misuse her skills. He also teaches his daughter boxing skills (special skills needed).

Barbara (8-12)

Barbara is Lily’s classmate who has an aggressive personality. Her upbringing influences her character and how she behaves with people around her which is really rough. She bullies her friends and feels free to take their stuff away due to the power she feels she has from the special skills she knows. She has a lot of hobbies which she thinks they are cool such as boxing but those hobbies are sometimes misused towards her friends/classmates.

Cook Will (25-50)

He is a warm-hearted man in the Chinese restaurant. Also, he is Lao Zhang’s best friend. He has been living in Vancouver for 8 years. As he always stays with Chinese and talk in Chinese, he still cannot speak English fluently.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver, BC.
Please submit to: by 2017-08-04

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