Auditions for Lead and Supporting Actor Roles in Atlanta for Indie Film “Marvelous”

By | April 25, 2017


Location: Rehearsals/Shooting this Summer/Fall, in Atlanta, GA.  – Seeking submissions from: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

Casting “MARVELOUS” a SMALL budget independent feature film with a young ensemble cast.

Synopsis: A 1960s and 70s Soul R&B singing group rises to fame and fortune from the streets of their humble beginnings only to find that the price for fame may be more than what they bargained for.


African American young adult men ages 19-25
African American young adult women ages 19-24
African American ADULT man ages 40-55
African American ADULT woman ages 30-42
African American child/male ages 8-12
African American teen/female ages 14-18

Marvelous feature film

Principal/Supporting ROLES AVAILABLE:

Alex: (African American, age 19-25) Lead Singer of the Group “cool” charismatic ladies man who is very talented and artistic. Alex is also very demanding and domineering and a border line control freak.

Phillip: (African American, age 19-25) Member of the Group and brother of Alex is a laid back sensible character with boyishly good looks and a good sense of humor who lives in the shadow of his older brother Alex. Phillip is insecure yet extremely talented.

Rudy: (African American, age 19-25) Member of the Group who is very business minded, reliable and often plays the role as peacemaker during times of conflict. Rudy always puts the group first and always does what is best for the group.

Aunt Lisa: (African American, age 30-42) is a vivacious “cougarish” middle age street smart woman with a troubled past who can talk her way in or out of any situation. She has a strong protective loyal instinct and does whatever it takes to survive.

Bobby Shell: (African American, age 30-35) has a friendly nature with a charming smile. Bobby is a talented songwriter/producer an honest businessman and determined artist who can spot talent anywhere. Bobby Shell has the “magic touch”.

Butch: (African American, age 30-35) is the sharp dressing. smooth talking Older brother of Alex and Phillip. Butch is an ex-gangster who cleaned himself up and does well with his money.

Sherrie: (African American, age 19-24) is the faithful yet naive girlfriend of Phillip. Sherrie has no life of her own instead she lives and breathes everything that has to do with Phillip’s singing group. She is their #1 fan.

Gwen: (African American, age 19-24) is a young pretty southern belle with a bubbly personality who is a well-educated college girl who comes from a “good” family. She has an innocence about her yet a strong sense of self and determination.

Gladys: (African American, age 21-30) is a smart talking, quick witted, tell it like it is young women with no filter. However, she has a big heart and is loyal to a fault. Gladys is a struggling artist who dreams of making it big.

Selma: (African American, age 17-24) is the teenage love interest of Alex. She is a carefree young girl with a bossy tomboyish personality.

PLEASE SEND headshots, resumes, and demo reels to:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Rehearsals/Shooting this Summer/Fall, in Atlanta, GA. – Seeking submissions from: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to:

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5 thoughts on “Auditions for Lead and Supporting Actor Roles in Atlanta for Indie Film “Marvelous”

  1. AriQ

    I am interested in joining in this project. I would like to be contacted about the position and i am willing to put in the work for any male role.

  2. Gordon Parks

    Gordon Parks is an actor of Bahamian American ethnicity before graduating from the University Of South Florida (USF) at Sarasota-Manatee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science. I have hobnobbed with famous and not so famous actors.

  3. Catera Fenderson

    I’m interested in your film please contact me.

  4. Adrian Manning

    I’m interested, pleased get back in touch with me.

  5. Andrea Wilkinson

    Very interested, please get back to me.


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