Casting Actors in NYC for Dark Comedy Web Series “Possessed”

POSSESSED: Casting for indie dark comedy web-series

Location: NY, New York

Type: Comedy

We’re two New York city comedians who are casting supporting roles for our comedy web series POSSESSED.

The synopsis is: After a demonic possession goes wrong, Satan is forced to navigate life as a human being while trapped in the body of a 20-something woman. It’s a dark comedy with a twist of absurdity.

We’re tentatively shooting mid September-mid October on Saturdays and Sundays. Each role would require up to 1 day of shooting. It’s unpaid/non-union but we’ll pay for your meal and transportation and of course, copy/credit. Auditions will be through self-tape.

If you’re interested please e-mail us at, with the role you’re interested in, a headshot or current image, a resume/reel if you have one (no biggie). Deadline for self-tapes is Wednesday August 2nd, so if you’re interested, please shoot us an e-mail asap and I will send over the sides. Thank you so much!


TERRENCE: Male, mid 20’s-early 30’s, any ethnicity. Traditionally handsome, athletic. He is very confident. (Must be comfortable being shirtless on camera)

JESSE: Male, mid 20’s, any ethnicity. Lovable dope, who waits hand and foot on the main character Sam (who is possessed by the devil), because he thinks the devil is rad. He is one of Sam’s two roommates.

CAT-CALLER: Male, 30+, Caucasian. He’s a sleazy asshole who says degrading things to the main character SAM. (Look, we’re not going to humanize him. You must be comfortable playing a piece of shit and some light stage combat).

JUDY: Female, early 50’s-late 60’s, Caucasian. She is a sweet, doting Jewish mom who is concerned about her adult daughter’s well-being.

ARTHUR: Male, early 50’s-late 60’s, Caucasian. He is a slightly goofy Jewish dad with adult children. He is concerned about his adult daughter’s well-being.

DEREK: Male, must be 18+ but look like a high school student, Caucasian. He is a shitty teen and acts tougher than he is.

DEVIN: Female, must be 18+ but look like a high school student, any ethnicity. Kind of a tomboy. She is the least shitty teen of her gang of shitty teens.

TRISTAN: Male, must be 18+ but look like a high school student, any ethnicity. Apathetic teen who tries to impress people by acting like he’s more experienced than he actually is.

SARAH/RAQUEL: Both female, early 20’s to early 30’s, any ethnicity. Semi-improvised scene where they list off terrible things men have said to them.

Payment: Non Paid
Food, transportation, copy/credit

City or Location of call: NY, New York
Please submit to: by 2017-08-02

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