Casting Actors in Riverside for Upcoming Web Series


The Vervainya Project

Location: Riverside, Ca

Type: Web series

Become part of a NEW cutting-edge web series!

Due to financial hardships, The quiet town of Cravenwood is forced to make room for the mythical creatures of Vervainya. To try and make coexistence easier, an integration high school for humans and mythics has been established. But throwing teenagers, secrets, and drugs in the mix, it becomes a battle against time to either come together or fall apart.


Contact us with the part you would like to audition for and a current head-shot

You can audition for multiple parts

Auditions are determined on your submission video, if you do not have one, you will be declined

Memorize your monologue, it will be easier for you to interpret the character, and help with inflection

Your video should be 1- 2 minutes long, but no longer than 3 minutes.

We look forward to seeing you!

Happy Trails, Sioul Team




[Carson Pruitt] [MALE] [Age: 17-19] [WHITE]
Carson is a down to earth guy who is into music and skateboarding. He is a very social person, who wants to get to know people, laughs off awkward moments, and is extremely good looking!

[Elijah Delatorre] [MALE] [Age: 17-19] [WHITE/HISPANIC/OTHER]
Elijah is a head strong Werecat, who is not for integration in any way, shape, or form. Werecat pride is where his head seems to be.

[Nathaniel Delatorre] [MALE] [Age: 17-19] [WHITE/HISPANIC/OTHER]
Nate- a sweet, honest, and loyal guy. He wants the best for everyone and dose not mind mixing of the races. He just might want that to be his future.

[Lucien Sterling] [MALE] [Age: 17- 19] [WHITE]
Lucien is very cocky, he’s beautiful and likes to dominate every situation, he’s not afraid to get aggressive. He has a sliver tongue and prefers to stick with intellectuals.

[Julien VonCoffyn] [MALE] [Age: 30-35] [BLACK/ BIRACIAL]
Julien is a rather protective man, he will stop at nothing to make sure his Legacy and ladies are safe. He’s already died once for his family and would gladly do it again. He is not for the race mixing he knows it’s not a very good idea.

[Vincent Sterling] [MALE] [Age: 30-35] [WHITE]
Vincent is one of the most vindictive, willful, and malicious men alive. There is nothing that he won’t do for himself while avoiding the consequences. He has snake-like charm that he will use to a fault. Sinister good looks, and a tongue of fire.


Jade is a silver-tongued witch, who likes to cause mischief. She believes that she’s untouchable, and therefore never wrong.

[Charlotte Versailles] [FEMALE] [17-19] [WHITE/HISPANIC/BIRACIAL/OTHER]
Nick named “Charlotte the Harlot” a bit more flirtatious than Sophie, she’s like Luna had a good sense of fashion, in the slutty way. Believes the races should stay separate.

Sophia is a sassy Siren with good intentions that always seem to be misguided. She spends most of days either wishing she was oceans away from her family or obsessing over boys and falling in love.

[Freya Dravens] [FEMALE] [Age: 17-19] [WHITE]
Freya Dravens is the most popular girl at Vervainya High, mega *itch, very cunning, and manipulative, is dating Elijah the most popular guy in school.

[Harper Devine] [FEMALE] [Age: 17-19] [ANY]
Harsh to humans, though she wouldn’t mind if her friend laxed on getting them into so much trouble. She would gladly sit down and have a cup of whatever with whomever.

[Mysty Devine] [FEMALE] [Age: 17-19] [ANY]
Never underestimate your opponent. Mysty may not be the sharpest nail, but she has tricks waiting to be unleashed.

[Victoria VonCoffyn] [FEMALE] [Age: 30-35] [BLACK/ BIRACIAL/ OTHER]
She is soft hearted and want’s nothing but the best for everyone. Especially her daughter- she’s very kind hearted, but stern with Luna, everything she does comes from a place of love.

Payment: Non Paid
IMDB Credit

City or Location of call: Riverside, Ca
Please submit to: by 2017-12-31

This casting notice was posted by: Sioul Productions

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