Casting Auditions for Student Film in Vancouver, BC Canada

By | December 5, 2017

CATACLYSM (Dark Fantasy / Mystery / Drama)

Location: Vancouver BC

Type: Student Films


Living for a long time locked in a high rise apartment, Sassy endures the pains of loneliness and isolation. Haunted by an enigmatic Voice, Sassy has grown apart from her sister, Ashley, who thinks Sassy’s suffering from depression and tries to help her be keeping her away from the real, cruel world. After a long and stressful day, Sassy finally gives in to fear and obeys the Voice’s advice to confront Ashley.

In a last and desperate attempt to escape, right on the edge of life and death, a most unexpected visitor appears, encouraging Sassy to embrace her true nature and finally face her fears.
Sassy must realize that it is not Ashley to blame for her despair, but that it is the work of this Voice, what’s been keeping her in darkness.


SASSY (20s, Leading Role)
Sassy is a sensitive, passionate woman. She talks and moves in a refined, feminine manner. She can also be wild and unpredictable. Sassy struggles with long term loneliness, condition that has made her grow desperate and fearful of the dark. She has lived locked in a high rise apartment for so long that she’s lost track of time and of herself. She feels that there’s no real purpose in her life. She’s continuously haunted by a Voice that blames Ashley, her sister, for her misery. Sassy loves Ashley and she always tries to think good things about her, but this Voice makes her feel misunderstood and resentful about Ashley being always absent. Unable to go out, Sassy feels time is slowly taking away her life. She fears to live trapped and die forsaken in this place, but most of all, she fears this Voice that drives her mad and keeps her away from the light.

ASHLEY (30s, Supporting Character)
Ashley is a strong, independent, hardworking woman. She’s been offered a promotion at work, which has made her put all her attention and time in her career. She lives a stressful and anxious life. Many years ago, Sassy moved to her home and thay lived in harmony. Their relationship started to deteriorate when Ashley started to have more responsibilities outside home. She thinks Sassy has developed depression, so she tries to help her with medications to keep her controlled. She’s aware that Sassy is a curious and unpredictable girl, so she tries to protect her by keeping her locked so she can’t run away and harm herself. She fears that with her condition she won’t be able to survive alone, but she fails to understand that all that Sassy needs is attention and love, not material things that might help her feel better. She’s caring and overprotective in a negative way.

BLACK CAT (20s, Supporting Character)
Sassy’s mysterious neighbor. He’s charming and speaks in a very classy way. Although he’s crossed eyes a few times with Sassy before, they’ve never really exchanged a word. Black Cat likes to hang out at night in his balcony, place where he enjoys the beauty of the night and contemplates its wonders. Just like Sassy, he lives locked in an apartment most of the time, but his self-consciousness and positive attitude towards life makes him be able to deal with loneliness and live a peaceful life. He’s proud of having someone he can take care of at home, but his biggest pride is to be able to live in this world as a Cat. Black Cat is the unexpected friend that gives the best advice in our darkest times.

Please see the following file for more info – Cataclysm-Final-Casting-Call

Independent short film, Low budget and Fully insured – All-day catering but No compensation.

5:00 T0 9:00 PM

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver BC
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