Casting Call for Minimum Wage, The Web Series, in Boston MA.


Minimal Wage Webseries

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Web series

The show revolves around two best friends (Fish and Teddy) who work at a small, discount clothing store. The job fluctuates wildly from the mundane to action packed entertainment, especially with a wide variety of random, quirky customers shopping in the aisles. The pilot centers around Teddy attempting to fold clothes while Fish does everything he can to distract him, including an in depth conversation about the Hulk’s penis. Think The Office and Silicon Valley meet Him & Her (BBC show).


Christine (F) – Floor manager for the store. A hard ass who cares about being a professional. At the core, a nice person who cares about her employees.

Mac (M) – A chill bro. Doesn’t seem approachable but very sweet. Loved by everyone in the store.

Annie (F) – Customer. Fun, easy going but also flirtatious.

Coke Girl (F) — Customer. Trashy. Uses coke to get psyched up to go out partying.

Hulk Geek (M) — Customer. Nerd who loves the Hulk.

Douche Bro (M) — Customer. Frat bro who is pretty homophobic.

Girlfriend (F) — Customer. Talkative and slightly oblivious to the world around her.

Boyfriend (M) — Customer. Big guy, wears at least an XL.

Erika (F) — Works at the store.

– exposure on YouTube/Vimeo
– food, snacks
– invite to the premiere party (which will be DOPE!)

More Information:
– If interested, please send your name, headshot, any clips you might have and the best way to contact you via email to
– Use the part you are auditioning for in the subject line
– If you’re interested in being apart of this but none of the characters above speak to you or you’d like to work behind the camera, please feel free to still contact me
– We are looking to shoot Memorial Day Weekend (26-28th) in somewhere around Boston (exact location TBD)

About Me:
First, my name is Pete Rogers. I’m an independent filmmaker who’s finally doing something with his film degree. I went to school out in Minnesota (Carleton College for those that’ve heard of it) and graduated in 2013. After graduating, I moved back in with my parents and worked at an Old Navy. And thus this show was born. It’s taken me four years to create and write the screenplay and am now looking to do something with it. My hope is to use the finished pilot as a pitch piece when talking with online distributors (Netflix, Hulu, etc). The dream is to have this get picked up by an online distributor and ride that roller coaster.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications you might have.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to: by 2017-03-31

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