Denville, NJ Theater Auditions for Comedic Stage Play “Breathe Deep”


Breathe Deep- A hilarious one-act play within a play

Location: Denville, NJ

Type: Theater

Breathe Deep is a comedy in one-act with a cast of 11 M and F.

Rehearsal schedule TBD, but will be after work hours.

Student actors or seasoned adults will be considered.



Frankie- F, 20’s, the lead character and the only one in the play who doesn’t know she’s in a play. She is tough but also sensitive and kind.

Mr. Jimmystick- M, 30’s, the owner of Breathe Deep, a store that sells air. He is quirky yet mature and wants to stick to the script.

Edna- F, 20’s or 30’s, the secretary to Mr. Jimmystick. Edna is hilariously ditzy, naive and oblivious.

Policeman- M/F, 20’s or 30’s, minor character who has many lines in the script, but doesn’t know his cues.

Director- M/F, 30’s, the voice over the loudspeaker directing the show.

Coffee Bob- M, 20’s, he is in love with Frankie, but is also nervous and anxious about the last kiss scene.

Ricky- M, 20’s, the foil to Coffee Bob, who thinks he should have gotten the lead role instead. He’s cocky and filled with machismo.

Jessica- F, 20’s, a friend of Coffee Bob who is helping him with his girl troubles. She’s tough but kind.

Mom- F, 40’s, Frankie’s mother is completely unaware, mostly because she’s quick to talk without listening. She’s got a thick New Yawk accent.

Kelly- F, 20’s, the kind friend of Frankie who moved away before the play begins. She enters to help steer Frankie in her story.


Email to receive a copy of the script to bring to the audition. We will schedule

Open casting call for a new original comedy play to be staged in Morristown, NJ in July 2017.

Breathe Deep is a play about a girl who doesn’t know she’s in a play. It’s a hilarious romp with quick dialogue, physical acting and a great message.

Payment: Other
profit share

City or Location of call: Denville, NJ
Please submit to: by 2017-04-15

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